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New Ancestry DNA feature

Hello there,

As the title says, Ancestry has a new DNA feature. The new DNA feature is “Genetic Communities”, at the moment it’s in beta.

The new DNA feature “Genetic Communities” looks quite cool!

This is what my Genetic Community is


Comment from Debbie Cruwys Kennett (via PM to me, cos I was talking to her about it)
“The main advantage is that it filters your matches. We’re more likely to find connections with people in the communities.” (I have her ok to repost)


Was most interesting to note that my Mother only had 1 Genetic Community, I had expected my Mother to also have an Asian Genetic Community, (is there is such a grouping).

I think what WOULD be interesting is seeing what other “Genetic Communities” there are, is there a list somewhere?

Here are a few “Genetic Communities” from the few people who have shared there DNA matches with me.

English in the West Midlands

Munster Irish

Central Europeans

Settlers of Colonial New England
Early Settlers of the Deep South

What are/is YOUR Genetic Communities? (if your have this feature)

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!


A bit of info regard “Genetic Communities”




Blog update, Jan 2017

Hello there,

A few really cool things have happened since just before & since Xmas.

– A few days before Xmas, I got a letter (well a sort letter) from the Bridesmaid of my Maternal Grandparents. Which gave me a little more info on my Maternal Grandmother’s Aunts & Uncles.

– Got a nice big Bookcase, which is in my bedroom. This also let me re-arrange my living room. Have re-arranged the living room a few times since!.

– Made contact with a Paternal Cousin (Paternal Grandmother’s side)

– Started a Pharos Course on ONS, which is quite interesting.

– A Maternal Cousin (Maternal Grandmother’s side) made contact with me (though 23&Me, a DNA site)

– Got some really great family history related books over the last few months.

Some of these I really need to blog about & will do eventually.

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!

Wish list for 2017

Hello there,

I thought I would join in with Little Bytes of Life‘s December Genealogy Blog Party.

Lets have a look back at my 2014 Wish list

My wish list was
– Another Bookcase, my current one is more than a bit full!
– Bigger filing cabinet, the one I have at them moment is quite small
– I want to gradually fill gaps in my Family History magazines
– Is good number of books on my list, such as ‘Tracing Your …… Ancestors’ of the Pen & Sword Series

Did I manage to tick any of my wish list off? …. I would say mostly yes!

I got a couple of little bookcases for the majority of my books I had all over the floor.

I got another filing cabinet, (which is mostly all my political & activist stuff, which I had in boxes)

I have filled a few gaps in my Family History magazines, but there are still quite a few gaps.

I’ve added a good number of books to my library, including books from Pen & Sword.


So now lets have a look at my 2017 Wish List.

I wish to
– Make several trips/visits to the British Library, for my India line
– Get yet another bookcase or 2, (for my ever growing library).
– Add to my collection of Birth, Marriage & Death Certificates.
– Identify useful Record Offices & go visit if I can. (Though ALL Record Offices are useful).

– Search for Ancestor Grave Sites & go visit if I can.
– Connect with even more cousins & distant cousins.
– Find & DNA test more family members
– Really go though my tree, transcribing documents into it more. (Birth, Marriage & Death Certificates, Censuses, Military, Wills & Probate etc).

Do YOU the reader have any suggestions for me to add to my wish list?

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!

My Bookcases/Library

Hello there,

After a post in one of the Facebook groups I’m in (Genealogy Addicts UK & Worldwide), the post being

[ I am sure most of us here get a FH magazine each month. We read the articles and see websites that are useful now or in the future. How do you remember them all. There must be thousands out there. how do you record them for future use? ]

I initially posted “Create a library!!” … with an afterthought of ….”I’ll take & post some some photos”, then though I would blog what I was going to post.

Shelf 1 – Is all my fiction & story books. Shelf 2 – Is Political & Activism. (No photo of Shelves 1 & 2)

Shelves 3 & 4 of my big bookcase


Shelf 5 – Is mostly dog & garden books, with a small section of mixed books. (No photo, too tricky to get to)

Then I have 2 little bookcases on top of each other, this is the upper little bookcase. WDYTYA Mags on bottom shelf of upper little bookcase. The lower one is children’s books & arts & crafts.

More books in the ‘cubbyhole thing’ on top of the little bookcases. Next to them are folders/files of GRO BMD Certificates (one for each of my grandparents).


All my Pen & Sword books, along with loads other of useful books & booklets (British India, The Workhouse, Surnames, Writing your Family History etc)

Loads of boxes full of magazines (Your Family Tree/History, Family Tree & TNA “Ancestors”) Bigger folders/files – photocopies of documents – BMD certs, Censuses, Military, Passenger lists etc (again one for each of my grandparents)

The folder/file on the smaller pile of boxes are GRO BMD Certificates for “BSO” trees I started doing. Top box has 3-4 packs of acid-free pocket files (you can get them from WH Smith if your in the UK)


FHS Booklets (Hampshire, Devon & Berkshire)


Last photo is a table full of magazine articles, I’ve yet to finish sorting. I also have a small filing cabinet full ancestry related stuff.


And finally 3-4 piles of mixed books on the floor, one of the piles you can see in one of the above photos.

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!

Tognoli Burial place

Hello there,

I now have a burial place (well kind of!)

Record set – England & Scotland, Select Cemetery Registers, 1800-2014

Name: Joseph Peter Tognoli
Death Age: 86
Burial Place: Ealing, Middlesex, England
Cemetery: Abney Park Cemetery and Greenford Park Cemetery
Interment Number: 37797 in 18640 S/13

Anyone out there maybe know how to find out where Joseph is buried?

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!

Marriage Certificates

Hello there,

I wasn’t initially going to blog about Marriage Certificates, but in having more of a look at one of the Marriage Certificates I recently ordered (via the GRO).  Then having look at the other Marriage Certificates I have (for my maternal grandfathers side), I’ve decided I WILL do a blog.

So far I have 8 Marriage Certificates

– 1 Marriage was in Delhi India (John Burdett Clark & Dorothe Verna Terry)
My Grandparents married in the Sacred Heart Cathedral according to the the Roman Catholic Faith.

– 3 in Yeovil, Somerset
One of the marriages took place at the Primitive Methodist Chapel and according to the Primitive Methodist faith

Two marriages took place at the South Street Chapel, one being of the Bapists faith the 2nd was Protestant? something.  (James Hitchcock & Louisa Bishop)

One of the South Street Chapel Marriages is most interesting indeed!
This is due to the Marriage Certificate having FOUR witnesses.

Witnesses being – Sister to the groom, the fathers of the couple marrying
and the 4th looks like Robert Neal/Noel Woodley?

James Hitchcock & Louisa Bishop - Marriage 1865

Here is the interesting marriage certificate (William John Clark & Eliza Brown)

William John Clark & Eliza Brown Marriage 1920

– 1 Kent, some details for this Marriage is hard to read, such as the Chapel name and what the faith is. (George Clark & Sarah Ann Whitnall)

George Clark & Sarah Ann Whitnall Marriage 1861

– 3 marriages took place in the Church of England, 2 in Southampton & 1 in Northampton

** Getting massively distracted looking at other stuff when I should really be doing this blog …. hahaha **

Anyway here are some links of interest about Yeovil, Somerset.

This is a great site I found while writing this blog post The A-to-Z of Yeovil’s History by Bob Osborn

A few links from the above site Baptist Chapel // Back Street / South Street

This has a collection of photos of Yeovil – then & now

This is a other website that looks quite interesting Yeovil Baptist Church

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!

Carboot Goodies

Hello there,

Car-boot sales are superb places to find awesome books and stuff. I went to my local boot sale twice this week, went on sun (5th June 2016) and again today (8th June 2016). Both times it was really hot and I totally forgot to take WATER with me.

Today I got some really cool books, a shoe box stuffed full of postcards, also a big carrier bag full of old slides (Is at least a few hundred slides I think)

I also got a few plants for my garden (till I get going in planting seeds), I got some Verbenas, Foxgloves, Marigolds and a Sweet William plant.

The postcards & old slides will be interesting to look through. A lot of the postcards have written on & the handful of slides I’ve looked at are a mixture of Boats, Flowers, Buildings & People.

Once I get my slide viewer gadget, I’ll be able to look at the slides much better.

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!

Edit – Here’s My Pinterest where you’ll find my “Books Galore” & “Goodies & Cool stuff” boards, as well as other interesting boards

Surname Studies

Hello there,

Have been pondering on doing a one name study (ONS) for a while, but wasn’t sure about committing myself  in doing one. Also was difficult trying to decide which surname to do. (see below for the process steps)

But I have finally decided and going with TWO surnames!, one for each side of my family. The two surnames I picked are Whitnall (my mothers side) & Merriman (my dads side)

Have now registered both the surnames with Guild of One-Name Studies & the Surname Society

The process
– Making a surname shortlist
– Seeing where the clusters were (in my personal family tree)
– Sussing out surname stats, for this I looked at the “Surnames of England and Wales” website as well as the “forebears” website

– Sussing out scale of what would be involved (looking at Ancestry, Find my Past, Familysearch etc

– Til finally I go “mad” and just dive in

Oh nearly forgot to mention, I ordered the Guild’s book “Seven Pillars of Wisdom” The art of One Name Studies.

So just waiting till I hear back from the Guild, meanwhile I’m going make a start!

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!

WDYTYA 2017 & beyond

Hello there,

@WDYTYALIVE posted a tweet asking  “What do you want to see at the 2017 show?”

So this is just somewhere to list ideas etc for future WDYTYA events.

Just some of the suggestions & ideas I’ve had so far, (which I have already tweeted to them)

A longer block of time (after all the talks are finished) for people to look around etc

Would like to see MORE Local Family History Societies, such as Kent, Cornwall, Dorset, Somerset, Essex, Norfolk etc.

Workshop/talk ideas
– Illegitimacy  / Workhouses / Causes of Death / House history / Finding Living Relatives
– Ways to organize your family history documents etc (could also be in the showing heading too)

Social History aspect – Occupations, Health, Religion, Crime/Law, Education, Leisure, Fashion etc

Industrialization – Farming, Transport, Railway, Mining,

Historical & Political events over the years – Various Battles, Domesday Book, Suffragettes, Slavery, Guy Fawkes, Historical Royal events
A Showcasing Area
– The clothes/fashions of our ancestors
– Old money (how much would say £50 from 100 years ago be today)
– More old things & artifacts (like the world globe in its wooden stand, which was in the heirloom detective area)

A mock shop/store, kitchen/front room (a little tea shop or even old sweet shop perhaps?)

A quiz that relates to the event (& maybe the talks even) & people find the answers though out the event.

So I ask YOU my blog readers  …. “What do you want to see at the 2017 show & beyond?”

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!

Things I learnt -WDYTYA 2016

Hello there,

Things I learnt from this years WDYTYA event

– DON’T get try getting yourself & bags off the train all in one go! (get the rollater off first then your bags!)

– DON’T mess around with your digital voice recorder (need to get one that had has a memory card!)

– Take a surname & place print out with you (Just key surnames & places)

– Book talks a lot earlier (I only booked any of the talks the month just before the event)

– Plan & structure your days (which I did for 2nd & 3rd days so they went really well)

– KEEP CHEEKING WHAT WORKSHOPS YOU HAVE ON EACH DAY! (I pretty much missed my last talk on the first day)

Did you go to the event & what did YOU learn?

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!

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