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Hello there,

I don’t have many items relating to the “Whitnall” name yet, but this is what I do have.


1st World War Medals of Alfred Whitnall (Regiment No. 30045, Lancashire Fusiliers)

Photos & Prints

1st pic, Charles B. Whitnall, an original press photo (dated 21 Jan 1939, on the back). Here’s a couple of links Find a Grave and Wikipedia giving a little more info on Charles.

2nd & 3rd pics Bishop Edward Wetenhall and a blurb. A Westminster Abbey. link giving more info on Edward.


A Wikipedia link giving a little more info on Samuel.

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Surname Study Adventures!


Surname Study Objectives

Hello there,

While the main objective is to research, record and share information on the family histories and historical contexts etc of people with the surname & its variants.

How do you go about doing that? It really needs breaking down into smaller more manageable chunks.

So these are my current Aims/Goals (covering both Surnames (Merriman & Whitnall)

Short term to Medium
– Collect & cross-reference GRO BMD Indexes & Census data (England only to start with).

– Identify and reconstruct family trees, so establishing family groups.

– Collect & cross-reference BMD & Census data in other areas of the UK

– Create a Facebook group for the study (one for each surname)

Medium to Long term
– Collect & preserve documents & any paper material I obtain or is donated to me
(This also includes material in digital/electronic format)

– Compile a catalogue of artifacts & items etc I obtain or are donated to me.

– Consider creating a website (Goon) to share and preserve the research, so providing a central resource to share & exchange info with others interested in the surname

– Publicise the study through my Blog, Social Media, Guild of One-Name Studies & other websites (then over time Family History magazines & journals)

– Respond to enquiries as & when received (keeping a record of enquirers)

As always, the Surname Studies are constant work in progress, but feel free to get in touch & I’ll do my best to help you.

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Surname Study Adventures!


GRO – General Register Office
BMD – Birth, Marriage Death

Surname Study Profiles

Hello there,

Has been awhile I know, have been trying to decide what I what my Surname Studies to be. {Hat tip to Julie of Anglers Rest) One of Julie’s blog posts is called ‘What do you want your One-Name Study to be?’

One of her blog categories I’ve been looking thought is on the topic of One-Name Studies (There’s many other interesting categories on Julie’s blog)

I’ve also been checking out quite a few other Goon Surname Studies to generally see what other Members had for their Surname Profile, as well as any websites linked on the surname Profile. Which gave me some good ideas for Aims, Goals, Objectives (whatever you want to call them)

This was so I could put more content on my own Surname Studies (Merriman & Whitnall) as at the time of writing this blog post the ‘About the study’ section on the surname profiles are looking rather empty & bare. (All the currently visible sections are a bit empty & bare mind you! lol).

But I think I now know what I want to add into the ‘About the study’ section (on both Surname profiles).

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Surname Study Adventures!


Goon – Guild of One Name Studies

Marriage Certificates

Hello there,

I wasn’t initially going to blog about Marriage Certificates, but in having more of a look at one of the Marriage Certificates I recently ordered (via the GRO).  Then having look at the other Marriage Certificates I have (for my maternal grandfathers side), I’ve decided I WILL do a blog.

So far I have 8 Marriage Certificates

– 1 Marriage was in Delhi India (John Burdett Clark & Dorothe Verna Terry)
My Grandparents married in the Sacred Heart Cathedral according to the the Roman Catholic Faith.

– 3 in Yeovil, Somerset
One of the marriages took place at the Primitive Methodist Chapel and according to the Primitive Methodist faith

Two marriages took place at the South Street Chapel, one being of the Bapists faith the 2nd was Protestant? something.  (James Hitchcock & Louisa Bishop)

One of the South Street Chapel Marriages is most interesting indeed!
This is due to the Marriage Certificate having FOUR witnesses.

Witnesses being – Sister to the groom, the fathers of the couple marrying
and the 4th looks like Robert Neal/Noel Woodley?

James Hitchcock & Louisa Bishop - Marriage 1865

Here is the interesting marriage certificate (William John Clark & Eliza Brown)

William John Clark & Eliza Brown Marriage 1920

– 1 Kent, some details for this Marriage is hard to read, such as the Chapel name and what the faith is. (George Clark & Sarah Ann Whitnall)

George Clark & Sarah Ann Whitnall Marriage 1861

– 3 marriages took place in the Church of England, 2 in Southampton & 1 in Northampton

** Getting massively distracted looking at other stuff when I should really be doing this blog …. hahaha **

Anyway here are some links of interest about Yeovil, Somerset.

This is a great site I found while writing this blog post The A-to-Z of Yeovil’s History by Bob Osborn

A few links from the above site Baptist Chapel // Back Street / South Street

This has a collection of photos of Yeovil – then & now

This is a other website that looks quite interesting Yeovil Baptist Church

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!

Surname Studies

Hello there,

Have been pondering on doing a one name study (ONS) for a while, but wasn’t sure about committing myself  in doing one. Also was difficult trying to decide which surname to do. (see below for the process steps)

But I have finally decided and going with TWO surnames!, one for each side of my family. The two surnames I picked are Whitnall (my mothers side) & Merriman (my dads side)

Have now registered both the surnames with Guild of One-Name Studies & the Surname Society

The process
– Making a surname shortlist
– Seeing where the clusters were (in my personal family tree)
– Sussing out surname stats, for this I looked at the “Surnames of England and Wales” website as well as the “forebears” website

– Sussing out scale of what would be involved (looking at Ancestry, Find my Past, Familysearch etc

– Til finally I go “mad” and just dive in

Oh nearly forgot to mention, I ordered the Guild’s book “Seven Pillars of Wisdom” The art of One Name Studies.

So just waiting till I hear back from the Guild, meanwhile I’m going make a start!

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!

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