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Marriage Certificates

Hello there,

I wasn’t initially going to blog about Marriage Certificates, but in having more of a look at one of the Marriage Certificates I recently ordered (via the GRO).  Then having look at the other Marriage Certificates I have (for my maternal grandfathers side), I’ve decided I WILL do a blog.

So far I have 8 Marriage Certificates

– 1 Marriage was in Delhi India (John Burdett Clark & Dorothe Verna Terry)
My Grandparents married in the Sacred Heart Cathedral according to the the Roman Catholic Faith.

– 3 in Yeovil, Somerset
One of the marriages took place at the Primitive Methodist Chapel and according to the Primitive Methodist faith

Two marriages took place at the South Street Chapel, one being of the Bapists faith the 2nd was Protestant? something.  (James Hitchcock & Louisa Bishop)

One of the South Street Chapel Marriages is most interesting indeed!
This is due to the Marriage Certificate having FOUR witnesses.

Witnesses being – Sister to the groom, the fathers of the couple marrying
and the 4th looks like Robert Neal/Noel Woodley?

James Hitchcock & Louisa Bishop - Marriage 1865

Here is the interesting marriage certificate (William John Clark & Eliza Brown)

William John Clark & Eliza Brown Marriage 1920

– 1 Kent, some details for this Marriage is hard to read, such as the Chapel name and what the faith is. (George Clark & Sarah Ann Whitnall)

George Clark & Sarah Ann Whitnall Marriage 1861

– 3 marriages took place in the Church of England, 2 in Southampton & 1 in Northampton

** Getting massively distracted looking at other stuff when I should really be doing this blog …. hahaha **

Anyway here are some links of interest about Yeovil, Somerset.

This is a great site I found while writing this blog post The A-to-Z of Yeovil’s History by Bob Osborn

A few links from the above site Baptist Chapel // Back Street / South Street

This has a collection of photos of Yeovil – then & now

This is a other website that looks quite interesting Yeovil Baptist Church

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!


Hitchcock Puzzle

Hello there,

Have been trying to figure out who the parents of James Hitchcock are, but is proving quite tricky.


James Hitchcock was born abt 1846 in Somerset, England

The 1871 Census has James born in Yeovil, Somerset, England

While the 1881 to 1911 Censuses all have James born in Wellington, Somerset, England.


I have since ordered & got the Marriage cert for James Hitchcock & Louisa Bishop.

Going from that James’s father is William Hitchcock.

So now I am trying to figure out who James’s mother is, but there is more than 3 possible mothers.


Going by the census info I have, I feel the only possible mother is Betsy/Elizabeth

So now I just need t find a MARRIAGE for William Hitchcock & Elizabeth ???

Also giving 2 or 3 possible Marriages for William & Elizabeth.

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!

Note I am aware there are 3 possible births for James Hitchcock.

I ordered a birth cert, which had the wrong father, though have now ordered a 2nd birth cert.

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