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Tognoli Burial place

Hello there,

I now have a burial place (well kind of!)

Record set – England & Scotland, Select Cemetery Registers, 1800-2014

Name: Joseph Peter Tognoli
Death Age: 86
Burial Place: Ealing, Middlesex, England
Cemetery: Abney Park Cemetery and Greenford Park Cemetery
Interment Number: 37797 in 18640 S/13

Anyone out there maybe know how to find out where Joseph is buried?

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!


Marriage Certificates

Hello there,

I wasn’t initially going to blog about Marriage Certificates, but in having more of a look at one of the Marriage Certificates I recently ordered (via the GRO).  Then having look at the other Marriage Certificates I have (for my maternal grandfathers side), I’ve decided I WILL do a blog.

So far I have 8 Marriage Certificates

– 1 Marriage was in Delhi India (John Burdett Clark & Dorothe Verna Terry)
My Grandparents married in the Sacred Heart Cathedral according to the the Roman Catholic Faith.

– 3 in Yeovil, Somerset
One of the marriages took place at the Primitive Methodist Chapel and according to the Primitive Methodist faith

Two marriages took place at the South Street Chapel, one being of the Bapists faith the 2nd was Protestant? something.  (James Hitchcock & Louisa Bishop)

One of the South Street Chapel Marriages is most interesting indeed!
This is due to the Marriage Certificate having FOUR witnesses.

Witnesses being – Sister to the groom, the fathers of the couple marrying
and the 4th looks like Robert Neal/Noel Woodley?

James Hitchcock & Louisa Bishop - Marriage 1865

Here is the interesting marriage certificate (William John Clark & Eliza Brown)

William John Clark & Eliza Brown Marriage 1920

– 1 Kent, some details for this Marriage is hard to read, such as the Chapel name and what the faith is. (George Clark & Sarah Ann Whitnall)

George Clark & Sarah Ann Whitnall Marriage 1861

– 3 marriages took place in the Church of England, 2 in Southampton & 1 in Northampton

** Getting massively distracted looking at other stuff when I should really be doing this blog …. hahaha **

Anyway here are some links of interest about Yeovil, Somerset.

This is a great site I found while writing this blog post The A-to-Z of Yeovil’s History by Bob Osborn

A few links from the above site Baptist Chapel // Back Street / South Street

This has a collection of photos of Yeovil – then & now

This is a other website that looks quite interesting Yeovil Baptist Church

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!

Surname Studies

Hello there,

Have been pondering on doing a one name study (ONS) for a while, but wasn’t sure about committing myself  in doing one. Also was difficult trying to decide which surname to do. (see below for the process steps)

But I have finally decided and going with TWO surnames!, one for each side of my family. The two surnames I picked are Whitnall (my mothers side) & Merriman (my dads side)

Have now registered both the surnames with Guild of One-Name Studies & the Surname Society

The process
– Making a surname shortlist
– Seeing where the clusters were (in my personal family tree)
– Sussing out surname stats, for this I looked at the “Surnames of England and Wales” website as well as the “forebears” website

– Sussing out scale of what would be involved (looking at Ancestry, Find my Past, Familysearch etc

– Til finally I go “mad” and just dive in

Oh nearly forgot to mention, I ordered the Guild’s book “Seven Pillars of Wisdom” The art of One Name Studies.

So just waiting till I hear back from the Guild, meanwhile I’m going make a start!

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!

Robert Mitchelmore’s Obituary

Hello there,

First ‘Blog Prompt’ of the year, also not done one for quite a while.

So this one is “Sunday’s Obituary”

Robert Frederick Howard Mitchelmore

1945 – 2015

Robert Mitchelmore passed away on May 24, 2015 in the Churchill Hospital, Oxford at the age of 69.

(snipped the  middle paragraphs )

Throughout his periods of illness he always remained cheerful even when he was told that his cancer could not be treated. Robert left his wife Pauline, son James and grandchildren Benjamin and Sophie.

Link to Robert Mitchelmore’s Obituary with a photo

Robert Mitchelmore is a 2nd cousin 1x removed to me.

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!

Hitchcock Puzzle

Hello there,

Have been trying to figure out who the parents of James Hitchcock are, but is proving quite tricky.


James Hitchcock was born abt 1846 in Somerset, England

The 1871 Census has James born in Yeovil, Somerset, England

While the 1881 to 1911 Censuses all have James born in Wellington, Somerset, England.


I have since ordered & got the Marriage cert for James Hitchcock & Louisa Bishop.

Going from that James’s father is William Hitchcock.

So now I am trying to figure out who James’s mother is, but there is more than 3 possible mothers.


Going by the census info I have, I feel the only possible mother is Betsy/Elizabeth

So now I just need t find a MARRIAGE for William Hitchcock & Elizabeth ???

Also giving 2 or 3 possible Marriages for William & Elizabeth.

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!

Note I am aware there are 3 possible births for James Hitchcock.

I ordered a birth cert, which had the wrong father, though have now ordered a 2nd birth cert.

Mintern Family DNA

Hello there,

Since doing an Ancestry DNA test early in 2015, I have made contact with a distant cousin (7th cousin to be exact hahaha)

We regularly chat on facebook and often share Family News & explore areas of research.

After lots of persuasion (as well as poking & prodding hahaha) Stephen got his parents to do an Ancestry DNA test.  Stephen Robert Kuta

Mintern DNA.png

Stephen has written countless blog posts on the Mintern Family, which you can find on The Lives of my ancestor’s –

So anyway if you descend from the Mintern Family and haven’t yet tested your DNA, we both would certainly encourage you to do so, you won’t regret it, the results and what the test offers can certainly be invaluable.

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!

Friday Fun – 14 Aug 2015

Hello there,

I don’t really know why, but I just though I’d mess about on google (great fun), & look up a couple of my Great Grand Uncles (brothers of my Dad’s Grandmother) Arthur Merriman & William Rowland Merriman (both dying in the 1st WW)

I discovered that one of the brothers (Arthur Merriman) had a wife & 2 children before he died in 1916 at only 23 year old.

Private Arthur Merriman –

It just blows my mind at the things you can find doing Ancestry/Family History.

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!

Census Sunday

Hello there,

The Census I’m highlighting today is the 1851 Census England, on my 2nd Great Grandfather, his parents & sister.

Had a heap of trouble even finding him in the Ancestry Census, you’ll see why


Was only able to find the 1851 Census through Find my Past

Here is the 1851 Census England, and you’ll see the surname is CLEARLY ‘Snell’

Henry 1851 Census

How can ‘Snell’ be transcribed as ‘Suck’?, was the transcriber drunk or something?

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!

Mystery Monday

Hello there,

For todays Blog Prompt it is ‘Mystery Monday’

Mystery Monday is where you can post about mystery ancestors or mystery records – anything in your genealogy and family history research which is currently unsolved. This is a great way to get your fellow genealogy bloggers to lend their eyes to what you’ve found so far and possibly help solve the mystery.

So on with my ‘Mystery Monday Brickwall’ is on my paternal grandmother’s father Joesph Peter Tognoli, also called Giuseppe Pietro Tognoli.

For quite a while I had thought his parents were a Angelo Tognoli & Katalin Badics..

But now since I finally went ahead and ordered the marriage cert of Giuseppe Pietro Tognoli & Florence Snell, not knowing if it was the right marriage or not. Once I received the cert in the post, I was pleased to find it was the right one.

Joseph Tognoli & Florence Snell - 1909

In looking at Joesph’s father I found that his father was Luigi Tognoli, not Angelo Tognoli & Katalin Badics who were the parents I originally thought.

So quite a frusting puzzle, as well as questions.

– Where do I go from here?
– How do I try to find his parents?
– Do I try to find the witnesses?

Please help! (but bear in mind not everyone can get to archives etc)

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!

Census Sunday

Hello there,

For todays Blog Prompt we’ll be looking at the Census.

The Census I’m highlighting for ‘Census Sunday’ is the 1911 Census England

I think for me the 1911 Census data set is a favourite, the way Ancestry has done this data set, is more interactive. you can scroll up & down or from side to side and you still get to see who and what you’re looking at.

Here is what I mean, the top section is before I scrolled and the bottom is after.
Baldwin 1911 Census

I’ve also picked out just a few of the more ‘unusual’ occupations in 1911 Census within my tree.

The above image is also an example of some ‘unusual’ occupations. Joseph Baldwin is working as a Woodman and his relationship to me is 2nd great grand uncle. Joseph’s son Frank is working as a Gamekeeper, relationship to me is 1st cousin 3x removed

Heres a couple more

William Alfred Worland is working in the Leather Trade as a bag maker. William Alfred Worland’s relationship to me is 1st cousin 3x removed

1911 England Census 7

William Waterman is working as a Letter Press Printer. William Waterman’s relationship to me is 2nd great grand uncle

1911 England Census 8

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!

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