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Irish Adventure – Day 5

Hello there,

Date – 30 Dec 2017

I wake, look am my phone to see what time it was, it was 2 in the morning. As I’m looking at my phone, I notice the alarm wasn’t set (which I though I set a just a few hours ago, not sure what happened)

Re-did setting the alarm & went back to sleep, though kept waking about every half an hour. Then it’s 5am, time to get up, me & mum pack the last few bits, being as quiet as we can, so not to wake Darren.

Darren gets up for a bit to say bye to us, then with a few final waves, we off the airport.

At the airport now, mum & sis go off to get the boarding passes, while I wait in the line.

One of the airport staff comes over to pull me out the line saying about a ‘fast track’ lane (quite useful for disabled or people with young kids), I start to ‘protest’ “No, I can’t, need to wait for my mum & sis to come back.

Anyway the woman directs to the ‘fast track’ lane, so I go down to were mum & sis are. Start to explain why I had come out the line, sis gets a bit cross at me

Sis “No, we need to get in the line”

I start to repeat what I said, adding “go ask her” while pointing out the woman. Sis goes to speak to the woman comes back & we head to way the woman told us.

As me & mum start to put our stuff in the trays, a woman starts to sway a little & nearly falls. The paper she had in her hand falls to the floor, I pick it up & put it back in her handbag for her.

As I go though the airport scanner the alarm goes off, so I have to get a ‘pat down’, not so ‘fun’ (while it is a bit intrusive, the process is pretty quick)

Now just waiting on our fight & watching what gate we need. After a few minutes the details comes up on flights board.

We start to head down to the gate, I stupidly decline the offer of being helped to the gate. (I guess it’s an automatic thing, a “No, it’s ok, I’m fine thanks)

We gradually get to the gate (me stopping quite a few times), then we get on the plane. I have a brief struggle while getting my suitcase under the seat (you don’t really have a lot of space to move).

We’re all buckled up, the flight crew prep for take off & do the flight instruction process, & before you know it we’re in the air.

During the flight back to England, I have my breakfast of turkey rolls, dozing intermittently & looking out the window. Mum fussing at me abit (cos my shoes happen to be touching my suitcase)

Some pictures of out the plane window

The plane coming in to land

The flight was a little turbulent at times, but it seen to go by really quickly. I decide to wait & be the last person to get off, so can get my suitcase out more easily.

We go to see when the next bus is, we see it would mean waiting 2-3 hours. We look at train times & go with getting the train.

Within a few minutes we’re getting off the train and going to the bus station. Bus we want is due in about 5 minutes, bus comes & we get on.

It as this point we start getting grumpy at each other, our grumpiness increases abit as we get closer to my home. Mum arguing with me that I can just get bits out the freezer, I get quite irritated & snap at her “Mum, just shut up, I’m too tired to keep arguing with you, I’ll do what I decide ok!

We get off and are very nearly home, I grab some bread & milk at the shop. Then the last tiny bit to go, now I’m back at my front door & opening the door. I put my bags in the stack of box trays & my suitcase at the side of them.

Mum then heads off & does what she needs to do. Within about 5-10 minutes of being home I am in bed totally wiped out.

And so my Irish Adventures have come to an end & the time is 10am

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!


Irish Adventure – Day 4

Hello there,

Date – 29 Dec 2017

Shortly after I after I get up, my sister suggests that just me & her nip out to T K Max & look at the suitcases again. While at T K Max, sis gives Matalan a phone to see if they had the suitcases in store, which they did. After talking it over with Sis, I go with the Matalan cases.

So we return to the house & have breakfast, which Darren made for us.

Breakfast was
– Poached egg & toast
– Bacon & more toast

We talk about egg poaching stuff for a few minutes.

Then we go for a quick drive about. Went for a pretty chilly walk at Crowfordsdown Country Park (I was just gonna wait in the car for mum, sis & Darren to get back, but I braved it).

Saw what we reckon was a seal, did try take pics of it, but none of them come out very well.


Wonder if my sister has a pot of gold at her feet? …. hahaha (Mum in green jacket, I’m in the middle)

Stopped at Stricklands Glen briefly, before dropping Darren back at the house.

Then back to Matalan, looked at the suitcases, Mum & sis helped me picking the colour, (was a choice of two, black or green) went with the green one in the end

We had a quickish look round Matalan, was some great photo frames, there was an awesome heart shaped shelf thing.

Then as we go back to the car, I ask if we could go somewhere & have something to eat (was about 3pm ish, by this time & I was starting to feel hungry) but this was rejected.

So back in the car to continue driving round County Down seeing the scenery etc.

One of the things that caught my eye was this, don’t really know where about’s in County Down this was.

About 4pm, I started feeling a bit sick (not good!) tried holding on for as long as I could (having one of my mints, didn’t really help very much)

Then Mum asked if I was ok I reply “No, am not feeling great, might need to stop very soon” Fortunately Mum & sis spot a little Spar shop, so sis stops. Me & sis get out & see what the shop had, getting a packet of little pancakes to share. I feel a lot better after this, & am looking out the window’s again, was quite dark by this time.

We get back to the house about 5.30-6pm.

Have some food

– Samosa
– Pakoria
– Little Sausage rolls
– Left over turkey

Shortly after, I start gathering my stuff together ready for packing.

Let the packing commence! lol

I get as much of my stuff packed as I can, to minimise what I need to do in the morning.

We all set our alarms for when have to get up in the morning (5am … agh!)

I proceed to put my phone in my handbag, followed a few seconds later with me muttering “Agh!, dumb arse” laughing at myself. Need phone for the morning. Got into bed & was sound asleep by about 12.30an.

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!

Irish Adventure – Day 3

Hello there,

Date – 26th Dec 2017

Breakfast was at about 10.30 am

– Toast & ‘nice pate’ (Salmon Terrine Slices, may only be available at xmas)
– A roll & bacon.
– Pear & Apple fruit juice

(WOW, the juice is really nice, gonna be getting some when I get back home.)

During breakfast I mention to sis about tracking the tablet. Shortly after this, Sis looks on her phone, looks at me, then says “Oh, have tracked your parcel to the living room”

I’m more than a bit confused & puzzled at this.

Me – “Tracked to the living room?”, (then in my head Tracked to the living room?, trying to make sense of what my sister said)

As we move into the living room, Mum comments (a bit unkindly) “Ania (me) doesn’t react”

(Well, course I’m not going to ‘react’ instantly to what sis just said, am still trying to figure out how you can track something to a persons living room.)

Just about as I start coming into the living room, I comment to sis “Oh did it come then?”

Sis – “yea, it came when you were having breakfast”.

Sis passes me the parcel, I open it. The Tablet is realty cool, is a Lenovo, like my laptop.

About 3pm ish me, mum & sis go out to Bloomfield (a shopping centre near sis)

Wanted to try & get a little suitcase for myself.

Have to go to specsavers to see about getting batteries for my hearing aids. (had to pay for them though agh! I forget what the specsavers guy said)

Mum mentions she owed me £12, I ask her what for, Mum replies the taxi fare, I reply back ‘Oh thought we were going to go halfs on it’ Me & Mum hadn’t really mentioned it, so Mum gives me the £12.

As we finish having a quick look round the shopping centre, I realize I needed to get some toiletries so I quickly nip in to Boots & Superdrug’s

Then on to the town centre
– T K Max
– Oxfam
– A shop called B&M

Got a couple of nice xmas bits in B&M (for next year), I also got a really nice photo frame in Oxfam.

We went to another little shopping centre place on the suitcase hunt.

Got back to the house about 5.30pm ish. Had some of the food left over from the boxing day dinner. Later in the evening we had cheese and biscuits.

I also I had another first!, I had half an avocado. (much to my mum’s surprise “Oh I didn’t know you liked avocado”) Well had never really thought about trying avocado before.

Then chilling out in the living room watching some TV, till we feel like going to bed.

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!

Irish Adventure – Day 2

Hello there,

Date – 27 Dec 2017

Not sure what time I woke up, it just felt good getting to my sisters, felt more refreshed & ready to start the day. Wrote a bit more of my day one adventure, wondering would the others be up yet?, when should I get up?. I think my sis stuck her head round the door, so I knew it was ok to get up.

Here’s a view from the bedroom window.

View from bedroom

If you look fairly closely, the Sea is not too far off in the distance.
About 11am we had breakfast (Croissants & toast). Then came into the living room for a bit, about 12.30pm did Xmas Stuff (stocking & presents).

My Stocking bits were
– Chocolate Orange
– Cheese Savouries (little Savoury biscuits)
– Pringles

Xmas Presents
I got a tablet cover (sis wasn’t sure on giving it to me then or wait till the tablet came) & a couple of books (though they were colouring books, you could just leave the pages as they were)

At about 1pm-ish Food started getting prepped for dinner at 3-4pm ish

Dinner was
– Turkey draped in bacon
– Roasted veg (Carrots, Beetroot, Onion & Parsnip)
– Roast Potatoes
– Pigs in blankets
– Carrots (plain boiled)
– Stuffing Balls
– Sprouts

– Brandy Snap Baskets
– Meringue nests
– Fruit & Cream

In living room now, letting 1st course digest a bit, pudding to come.

I continue trying to finish writing up day one’s events throughout the day, finally get caught up just before dinner.

Just as we finish dinner, my hearing aids batteries started dying, I didn’t think to bring any spare.

Shortly after pudding, mum notices writing indents on ‘her’ table mat, I end up doing the same, looking at ‘my’ mat followed by the other mats (lol)

[ The writing indents (maybe) made by the girls (our Nieces) doing xmas cards, while visiting sis some years ago (when sis lived more local to me & mum) ]

Now ‘chilling out” in the living room watching TV.

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!

Irish Adventure – Day 1

Hello there,

Date – 26th Dec 2017,  1st day of my Irish Adventures.

Well the day is here, today is when I’ve got to get on a plane! It will be my 1st time flying.

Feeling quite nervous now, will there be any last minute issues I have deal with which will prevent me from going?

Woke up about 9 – 9.30, loads of things going round in my head. One being getting to the Airport.

Feeling really unsure what to do. Do we get the bus/es & hang around for hours? or get a Taxi?

I go for the “get a Taxi” option, so phoned & booked one for 3pm, I then phoned mum to tell her (Though Mum would have much preferred getting the bus option)

Found it quite hard to get out of bed, til finally I force myself to get up (at about 10.30), I still had bits & pieces to do.

– Finish packing
– Getting dressed
– Use up the bread
– Finish the washing up
– Putting the rubbish out
– Cleaning the Cooker Hob (If there was time)

Gradually I get everything done.

Mum gets to mine at about 2.15pm, I’m mostly done & ready.

Mum almost immediately fusses at me asking why my heating was still on.

I’m now all done packing, so move my bags nearer the hallway. Mum sees one of my bags and again starts fussing at me.

“You can’t take that” …. “They wont let you on the plane with that” blah blah blah.

I give in a bit & half the number of my ancestry magazines (well I guess 8 magazines was a bit much! lol). I stood my ground regard the 2 books I had (Finding Your Roots & Goon’s 7 Pillars of Wisdom)

About 5-10 minutes before the Taxi came, I re-checked everything that needed to be was turned off & unplugged, checked I had my key & phone.

Taxi comes, we get in & start leaving, then realize I didn’t have my gloves. The driver kindly pauses briefly (at top of the road) but against my gut feeling we (Mum) decide to keep going.

I feel a bit annoyed at her thinking she left my gloves behind (in one of the boxes waiting to be dismantled). After a few minutes I realized that I had left the gloves on the table in the living room (in the double checking I had my phone & House key).

Anyway, we get to the Train Station / Airport, pay the Taxi and head towards the Airport. (Is a bridge you have to cross over) Mum goes up the stairs, while I go to use the lift, but its’ out of order (agh), so have to go back & use the stairs, pausing a few times as I go up.

We’re at the Airport now, Mun goes & gets our boarding passes, then though security we go. Now to wait for boarding the plane. As we wait I read one of my magazines while mum looks round one of the Airport shops. Between going though security & boarding the plane, me & mum get a bit grumpy at each other at times.

Boarding the plane time, no going back now! (Eeeekk!) Boarding starts about half an hour before take off.

We’re now on the plane, mum was a bit ahead of me. I briefly stop & take my hearing aids out (putting them in my handbag) before the plane take off.

In our seats now & bags in the overheard locker (my magazine bag at my feet). The flight crew prep for take off & do the flight instruction process.

The Plane starts moving out the ‘Gate’. There’s maybe 3 stages to just before take off.

– Moving out the gate & going towards the runway.
– Moving a bit faster & getting nosier.
– Moving even faster & nosier.

Then “Zoom” the plane is in the air.

I start chewing my way though my mints to help stop my ears going too “funny”. I fairly quickly get used to it. I start to read one of my magazines, asking mum what time was it a few times during the flight.

The pilot & flight crew do a few announcements occasionally throughout.

I’m feeling a lot less nervous & start looking out the window a bit, it’s all kind of cool seeing the countryside & houses etc way down below.

More announcements by the pilot & flight crew

By the time I though about getting my camera out (which was in my rucksack in the overheard locker) it was a bit too late. Mum reminding me we had to stay seated. Was going to try & take a picture out the window.

As the plane starts to land, I need my mints again. Plane has now landed” Yay, back on solid ground.

We’re off the plane now & heading out to were my sister & Darren (sisters boyfriend) are waiting (my sis with the rollater she borrowed for me while I am visiting).

After a few “Hi’s” & hugs we all head to the car. Pausing briefly at a War Plaque, sis takes a photo of it for me.


At last, we arrive at the house (Sister & Darren’s place) & can just chill out.

We have a drink (Tea & Coffee), watch TV a bit. After a while I put my hearing aids back in, now that everyone is sounding less “dull & far away”.

Sis roughly shows me around, pointing things out from the window, but it’s dark & am not really taking things in. She also shows me where I’ll be sleeping while I’m there.

I notice a photo our gran used to have, of my sis sleeping on a beanbag when she was really little. Stacks of beanbags round her (the place must have been a very large shop or maybe a warehouse) …. [I might put the photo in this blog or in a separate one, not sure.]

After maybe an hour Sis prep’s & puts some rice on, then the Chill Con Carne. Food is now ready, cool am quite hungry now. Followed by Pavlova for pudding. (Pavlova made by Darren’s mum)

After dinner we all chill out in the living room. After a few hours I’m feeling really tired, I say my goodnight & head to bed.

I end up NOT quite going straight to sleep as I initially thought, am still trying to write up the days events. About an hour or 2 later mum & sis stick their heads round the door.

Mum laughs “What, you still up?

Me – “Yea, still trying write my diary I laugh back.

Another hour or so later, I stop to see the time. It’s about 2.30 in the morning! I then finally go to sleep.

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!

My Plans for 2018

Hello there,

Well its a New Year & so new goals & plans to make.

My goals / plans

– Blog at least fortnightly.  (Blog Prompts, Things I get up to etc)

– Keep adding to my collection of Birth, Marriage & Death Certificates.

– Find & DNA test ever more family members, thus connecting with even more cousins & distant cousins.

– Add books to my library, including Pen & Sword books (as & when I so wish).

– Make several trips/visits to the British Library – my India line. (Have not yet succeeded, so this now well ‘over due’. …. Will I succeed in 2018?)

– Make contact with the Milan Achieves – my Tognoli line.

Surname Studies goals / plans

– Blog the progress I make regarding the Studies.

– Continue hunting for items & artifacts to add to my Study Name/s collection.

My personal goals / plans

– Visit my Dad more often.

– Keep in touch with my cousins more.

– Keep on top of my washing up! (It always gets a bit out of control)

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!

Further Library Update

Hello there,

Well firstly

Xmas Pic

Since my last blog I added another new bookcase (I had more space than I thought)

This is what my bedroom book corner looked like after getting the Emmaus bookcases


This is what my bedroom book corner looks like now.


Still a few things to sort out, but apart from that it’s looking really good

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!

Blog News Dec 2017

Hello there,

WOW, has been a VERY long time since it last posted a blog. Where to start?, has been quite a busy year. Lots of things have been happening & I’ve hardly done any blogging this year. (Yikes)


Firstly I note it’ll be 3 years on Fri (15th Dec 2014) since I started Ancestry Adventures.

HAPPY 3rd Birthday Ancestry Adventures

On the subject of birthdays, it was a big “mile stone” one for me this year, it was my 40th in July. We (Mum, sister & myself) went to the Hawk Conservancy in Andover.    Agh, it was soo hot, but other than that it was awesome fun & we really enjoyed the day. We saw a couple of flying displays as well holding a Harris Hawk

Pharos Courses

In my first blog of the year, I mentioned I was doing a Pharos Course this was an “Intro to One-Name Studies”  I’ve done 3 other courses since (all in the first half of the year), all really interesting,  gives you more ideas for your own research or Name/Place study.

Am looking forward to next years bundle of courses, subjects ranging from 20th Century Local Community, British Isles Migration, Wills and Admin, Archive Research, Employment, Sickness & Death, Nonconformity, The National Archives, Workhouses & the the Poor and lastly One-Place Studies.

Surname Studies Progress

Well, sadly not much progress made right now, this is manly due to dealing with issues I had no control over in, for the much of the year. But things have got much better, so have pretty much started the Surname Studies from scratch. My study names being “Merriman” & “Whitnall” including variants

Also, in the last couple of months I started Archives for my Study Names, is only a few things right now, all archives have to start somewhere. Some of the items I got were prints. Two of the prints are ‘Merriman’ related, the other is ‘Whitnall’

One of the ‘Merriman’ prints is framed & is by a chap called ‘Peter St Clare Merriman’ the other (an unframed Antique Print 1888) is of a chap called James Merriman who was an Australian Ship Owner.

The ‘Whitnall’ Print (also unframed) is of a chap called ‘Edward Wetenhall’ more about Edward here on Wikipedia

Library Update

Has been a huge revamp of my Family History Library since I posted about it last year

About 2 weeks ago, I finally got round to replacing the bookcase I got last year (not enough shelves), as I got a couple of (new to me) bookcases from Emmaus, the 2nd one is smaller width wise.

So it was quite a hectic few days before & after getting the bookcases. Involved moving stuff out of my bedroom into the living room, rearranging bedroom furniture. I rearranged furniture so to make better use of space. I even have space for another bookcase, well at least a narrow one!!!

DNA News & sales

Got my Dad’s ‘Big Y’ test process going (on FT-DNA), will hopefully get the results in Feb 2018. Also got my Dad a LivingDNA kit (a 3in1 test, more about that here), just need to either go visit or him visit me. Got myself a stock of Ancestry DNA kits, for future DNA testers.

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!

My Living DNA results

Hello there,

After 3 (very) long months my Living DNA results came in 7 March 2017. Quite a few surprise’s in the results. Will need to (hopefully) get my parents to do the test, so to compare the results to mine.

Regional results

Living DNA - Regional

Europe 86.8%
– Great Britain and Ireland 70.3%
– Europe (South) 13.4%
– Europe (unassigned) 3%

Asia (South) 11.9%
– Indian subcontinent 6.9%
– Sindhi 5%

Asia (East) 1.3%
– South China 1.3%

Sub Region results

Living DNA - Sub Regions

Great Britain and Ireland 70.3%
– South East England 23.4%
– Central England 18.1%
– Devon 9.6%
– Cumbria 9.1% ….. Approx, Cumbria, Dumfries & Galloway
– South Central England 2.5%
– Cornwall 1.6%

Wales 4.8%
– South Wales Border 2.2%
– South Wales 1.5%
– North Wales 1.1%

Scotland .. (need to look quite closely)
– Orkney 1.1%

Europe (South) 13.4%
– Tuscany 11.1%
– Basque 2.3% … Is actually in France not Spain as on the image (going by google)


Central England
Approx – Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Warwickshire, Staffordshire, Bedfordshire, Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire

South Central England
Approx – Somerset, Gloucestershire & Wiltshire, Oxfordshire & Berkshire

South East England
Approx – London/Middlesex, Surrey, Kent, Essex, Sussex & Hertfordshire


Was VERY surprised in not having any Hampshire or Dorset in the results. Don’t really know why, something to look into.

Not discovered any ancestors from Cumbria, Wales & Scotland so far.

Central England, South Central England & South East England is a mix from both my parents

Guessing Cornwall is one of my paternal 3rd Great Grandmother’s (Charlotte Moyes/Moise) line

Guessing  Tuscany is my paternal Grandmother’s  father’s (Joseph Peter Tognoli) line

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!


Worldwide Ancestry Regions (Living DNA)

My DNA: Living DNA Results

Living DNA – a new genetic ancestry test

My Living DNA result has arrived

New Ancestry DNA feature

Hello there,

As the title says, Ancestry has a new DNA feature. The new DNA feature is “Genetic Communities”, at the moment it’s in beta.

The new DNA feature “Genetic Communities” looks quite cool!

This is what my Genetic Community is


Comment from Debbie Cruwys Kennett (via PM to me, cos I was talking to her about it)
“The main advantage is that it filters your matches. We’re more likely to find connections with people in the communities.” (I have her ok to repost)


Was most interesting to note that my Mother only had 1 Genetic Community, I had expected my Mother to also have an Asian Genetic Community, (is there is such a grouping).

I think what WOULD be interesting is seeing what other “Genetic Communities” there are, is there a list somewhere?

Here are a few “Genetic Communities” from the few people who have shared there DNA matches with me.

English in the West Midlands

Munster Irish

Central Europeans

Settlers of Colonial New England
Early Settlers of the Deep South

What are/is YOUR Genetic Communities? (if your have this feature)

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!


A bit of info regard “Genetic Communities”



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