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My Living DNA results

Hello there,

After 3 (very) long months my Living DNA results came in 7 March 2017. Quite a few surprise’s in the results. Will need to (hopefully) get my parents to do the test, so to compare the results to mine.

Regional results

Living DNA - Regional

Europe 86.8%
– Great Britain and Ireland 70.3%
– Europe (South) 13.4%
– Europe (unassigned) 3%

Asia (South) 11.9%
– Indian subcontinent 6.9%
– Sindhi 5%

Asia (East) 1.3%
– South China 1.3%

Sub Region results

Living DNA - Sub Regions

Great Britain and Ireland 70.3%
– South East England 23.4%
– Central England 18.1%
– Devon 9.6%
– Cumbria 9.1% ….. Approx, Cumbria, Dumfries & Galloway
– South Central England 2.5%
– Cornwall 1.6%

Wales 4.8%
– South Wales Border 2.2%
– South Wales 1.5%
– North Wales 1.1%

Scotland .. (need to look quite closely)
– Orkney 1.1%

Europe (South) 13.4%
– Tuscany 11.1%
– Basque 2.3% … Is actually in France not Spain as on the image (going by google)


Central England
Approx – Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Warwickshire, Staffordshire, Bedfordshire, Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire

South Central England
Approx – Somerset, Gloucestershire & Wiltshire, Oxfordshire & Berkshire

South East England
Approx – London/Middlesex, Surrey, Kent, Essex, Sussex & Hertfordshire


Was VERY surprised in not having any Hampshire or Dorset in the results. Don’t really know why, something to look into.

Not discovered any ancestors from Cumbria, Wales & Scotland so far.

Central England, South Central England & South East England is a mix from both my parents

Guessing Cornwall is one of my paternal 3rd Great Grandmother’s (Charlotte Moyes/Moise) line

Guessing  Tuscany is my paternal Grandmother’s  father’s (Joseph Peter Tognoli) line

That’s all I have for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!


Worldwide Ancestry Regions (Living DNA)

My DNA: Living DNA Results

Living DNA – a new genetic ancestry test

My Living DNA result has arrived


New Ancestry DNA feature

Hello there,

As the title says, Ancestry has a new DNA feature. The new DNA feature is “Genetic Communities”, at the moment it’s in beta.

The new DNA feature “Genetic Communities” looks quite cool!

This is what my Genetic Community is


Comment from Debbie Cruwys Kennett (via PM to me, cos I was talking to her about it)
“The main advantage is that it filters your matches. We’re more likely to find connections with people in the communities.” (I have her ok to repost)


Was most interesting to note that my Mother only had 1 Genetic Community, I had expected my Mother to also have an Asian Genetic Community, (is there is such a grouping).

I think what WOULD be interesting is seeing what other “Genetic Communities” there are, is there a list somewhere?

Here are a few “Genetic Communities” from the few people who have shared there DNA matches with me.

English in the West Midlands

Munster Irish

Central Europeans

Settlers of Colonial New England
Early Settlers of the Deep South

What are/is YOUR Genetic Communities? (if your have this feature)

That’s all I have for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!


A bit of info regard “Genetic Communities”



My Bookcases/Library

Hello there,

After a post in one of the Facebook groups I’m in (Genealogy Addicts UK & Worldwide), the post being

[ I am sure most of us here get a FH magazine each month. We read the articles and see websites that are useful now or in the future. How do you remember them all. There must be thousands out there. how do you record them for future use? ]

I initially posted “Create a library!!” … with an afterthought of ….”I’ll take & post some some photos”, then though I would blog what I was going to post.

Shelf 1 – Is all my fiction & story books. Shelf 2 – Is Political & Activism. (No photo of Shelves 1 & 2)

Shelves 3 & 4 of my big bookcase


Shelf 5 – Is mostly dog & garden books, with a small section of mixed books. (No photo, too tricky to get to)

Then I have 2 little bookcases on top of each other, this is the upper little bookcase. WDYTYA Mags on bottom shelf of upper little bookcase. The lower one is children’s books & arts & crafts.

More books in the ‘cubbyhole thing’ on top of the little bookcases. Next to them are folders/files of GRO BMD Certificates (one for each of my grandparents).


All my Pen & Sword books, along with loads other of useful books & booklets (British India, The Workhouse, Surnames, Writing your Family History etc)

Loads of boxes full of magazines (Your Family Tree/History, Family Tree & TNA “Ancestors”) Bigger folders/files – photocopies of documents – BMD certs, Censuses, Military, Passenger lists etc (again one for each of my grandparents)

The folder/file on the smaller pile of boxes are GRO BMD Certificates for “BSO” trees I started doing. Top box has 3-4 packs of acid-free pocket files (you can get them from WH Smith if your in the UK)


FHS Booklets (Hampshire, Devon & Berkshire)


Last photo is a table full of magazine articles, I’ve yet to finish sorting. I also have a small filing cabinet full ancestry related stuff.


And finally 3-4 piles of mixed books on the floor, one of the piles you can see in one of the above photos.

That’s all I have for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!

WDYTYA 2017 & beyond

Hello there,

@WDYTYALIVE posted a tweet asking  “What do you want to see at the 2017 show?”

So his is just somewhere to list ideas etc for future WDYTYA events.

Just some of the suggestions & ideas I’ve had so far, (which I have already tweeted to them)

A longer block of time (after all the talks are finished) for people to look around etc

Would like to see MORE Local Family History Societies, such as Kent, Cornwall, Dorset, Somerset, Essex, Norfolk etc.

Workshop/talk ideas
– Illegitimacy  / Workhouses / Causes of Death / House history / Finding Living Relatives
– Ways to organize your family history documents etc (could also be in the showing heading too)

Social History aspect – Occupations, Health, Religion, Crime/Law, Education, Leisure, Fashion etc

Industrialization – Farming, Transport, Railway, Mining,

Historical & Political events over the years – Various Battles, Domesday Book, Suffragettes, Slavery, Guy Fawkes, Historical Royal events
A Showcasing Area
– The clothes/fashions of our ancestors
– Old money (how much would say £50 from 100 years ago be today)
– More old things & artifacts (like the world globe in its wooden stand, which was in the heirloom detective area)

A mock shop/store, kitchen/front room (a little tea shop or even old sweet shop perhaps?)

A quiz that relates to the event (& maybe the talks even) & people find the answers though out the event.

So I ask YOU my blog readers  …. “What do you want to see at the 2017 show & beyond?”

That’s all I have for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!


Things I learnt -WDYTYA 2016

Hello there,

Things I learnt from this years WDYTYA event

– DON’T get try getting yourself & bags off the train all in one go! (get the rollater off first then your bags!)

– DON’T mess around with your digital voice recorder (need to get one that had has a memory card!)

– Take a surname & place print out with you (Just key surnames & places)

– Book talks a lot earlier (I only booked any of the talks the month just before the event)

– Plan & structure your days (which I did for 2nd & 3rd days so they went really well)

– KEEP CHEEKING WHAT WORKSHOPS YOU HAVE ON EACH DAY! (I pretty much missed my last talk on the first day)

Did you go to the event & what did YOU learn?

That’s all I have for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!

Birmingham Adventure Index

Hello there

This is just an Index of all my Birmingham Adventure posts

A two part summary of my Birmingham Adventure

My Brum Diary – day 1

My Brum Diary – day 2

My Brum Diary – day 3

My Brum Diary – day 4

My Brum Diary – day 5

WDYTYA 2016 – Exhibits

WDYTYA 2016 – Outfits & Stands

That’s all I have for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!

WDYTYA 2016 – Outfits & Stands

Hello there,

These are photos I took while at the WDYTYA, so dive in and enjoy.

These are some of the outfits that a few of the exhibitors wore

DSCF1514 DSCF1635

The second one is a bit out of focus sorry folks.

DSCF1668 DSCF1677


These are some of the stands that where at the event this year


This wasn’t really a ‘stand’ as such, but just one of the sections  at the event

DSCF1493 DSCF1494

DSCF1521 DSCF1522

DSCF1674 DSCF1676

That’s all I have for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!

WDYTYA 2016 – Exhibits

Hello there,

These are photos I took while at the WDYTYA event, so dive in and enjoy.

DSCF1469 DSCF1470

DSCF1471 DSCF1478


DSCF1473 DSCF1474

DSCF1475 DSCF1477

DSCF1472 DSCF1479

DSCF1497 DSCF1502

DSCF1498 DSCF1499

DSCF1500 DSCF1501

DSCF1504 DSCF1503

DSCF1512 DSCF1513



That’s all I have for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!

My Brum Diary – day 5

Hello there,

It is 10th April 2016,  my returning home

This was a photo of just my room door


Decided to finally have some “hostel breakfast”, I had a couple of helpings of the orange juice & croissants


I took a closer photo of one of the yogurts, so you can see it a bit better


While having my breakfast a couple come in with an elderly chap who was having problems moving his legs & trying seat himself. I quickly went over to help. Helping by touching the leg the elderly chap was trying to move, while saying to him “Move this leg”, while gently pulling the leg forward a bit, so getting him seated.

Took a few photos on the hostel I had been staying at over the past 4-5 days

DSCF1694 DSCF1695

I also took a few photos of the metro/shuttle train which back & forth between the Airport & Birmingham Internal train station

DSCF1687 DSCF1688

Before I went on to get my train, I took a photo of these (which I would go past each day, going too & from the NEC)


In getting to the platform I needed for my train home, I recognized this woman sitting perched on her suitcase.


Briefly got a bit stuck in my words, but she was like “Yea & nodding, she was also at the NEC. She said in how we met, apparently we met on the first day of WDYTYA (but I don’t really remember) & she helped me or something. As I was trying to figure out where things were in relation the to the workshop theaters. (I was doing this a lot over the course of the 3 days) We had a bit of a natter till my train came. So that was pretty cool

I’m now on the train home, I was able to get a photo of the lovely old building at Lemington Spa which I was pleased about.(as well as another old building)

DSCF1699 DSCF1700 DSCF1698

I get to my change over stop where I nearly forget to get off! I then notice where I was and exclaim “Oh sh**, need to get off”

I’m now at my destination, as I was passing one of the train doors I notice an empty buggy and was going to call one of the train staff over. Then I saw a little head & another little head so I look a bit further in to the carriage & see a family still sitting there. As they thought the train was going to go on to where they were going.

I manage to get them off and over to the where the buses were, but the buggy spaces were full. So they had to wait a few minutes for the next bus, I waited with the family till they got on the bus.

So that is the end of my diary. Have lots of photos that I took, which I’ll add separately in the next few blog posts.

That’s all I have for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!

My Brum Diary – day 4

Hello there,

It is 9th April 2016, the 3rd & final day of WDYTYA


I forget to get my water bottle refilled & get a sandwich.

Again I get to the NEC nice & early, go straight to Find my Past for the days challenge of trying to find Mary Spencer & her father, as well as trying to find Charlotte Moyes/Moise. Once again a bit of a fail, just have to keep looking.

Managed to have 2 slots in a row with the FMP chap, as the person who would have been next had wondered off. So was able to ask about a quick few things about occupations, workhouses & about a cause of death.

I manage to catch Eric Knowles for an autograph & photo!

DSCF1656 DSCF1655

After the second talk I go to quickly see if I could catch Anita Rani for & autograph & photo, managed to very briefly speak to her before she was whisked off to something else. Which was rather unfair really, since the woman before I got there had been speaking to Anita for more than a few minutes.


I decided not to bother going to my 3rd talk of the day, as I wanted to have good go at trying to find more on Mary who married a chap who’s surname was “Franke” I asked at FMP but was told they didn’t have more slots. (whether that was true or not I don’t really know, I had taken up enough of their time anyway)

So went over to try at the “Ask the Experts” area. I showed the chap the only thing I had on Mary, which was a snippet of the marriage register. We go though a few things, he then looks the marriage up. The chap mentions he thinks the “Franke” surname could be Huguenot or Jewish & so suggests I go see Huguenot & Jewish stands. What the chap was saying  was all quite interesting.

So I go over to the Huguenot & Jewish stands, I speak to first to the Huguenot people (Then the Jewish stand),  explain & show them the marriage register snippet, they do a name look up on their computer & stuff. The people on the Jewish stand said the “Franke” surname was unlikely to be Jewish due to the marriage being in a church. Jewish people have Synagogue’s & not churches.

Had a couple of sausage rolls for lunch. Then had my final two talks of the whole event, & before you knew it, WDYTYA was ALL OVER for the year.

Who knows what the coming year will bring!, I may likely go again next year, this time with people in tow!

That’s all I have for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!

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