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Blog update, Jan 2017

Hello there,

A few really cool things have happened since just before & since Xmas.

– A few days before Xmas, I got a letter (well a sort letter) from the Bridesmaid of my Maternal Grandparents. Which gave me a little more info on my Maternal Grandmother’s Aunts & Uncles.

– Got a nice big Bookcase, which is in my bedroom. This also let me re-arrange my living room. Have re-arranged the living room a few times since!.

– Made contact with a Paternal Cousin (Paternal Grandmother’s side)

– Started a Pharos Course on ONS, which is quite interesting.

– A Maternal Cousin (Maternal Grandmother’s side) made contact with me (though 23&Me, a DNA site)

– Got some really great family history related books over the last few months.

Some of these I really need to blog about & will do eventually.

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!


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