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Wish list for 2017

Hello there,

I thought I would join in with Little Bytes of Life‘s December Genealogy Blog Party.

Lets have a look back at my 2014 Wish list

My wish list was
– Another Bookcase, my current one is more than a bit full!
– Bigger filing cabinet, the one I have at them moment is quite small
– I want to gradually fill gaps in my Family History magazines
– Is good number of books on my list, such as ‘Tracing Your …… Ancestors’ of the Pen & Sword Series

Did I manage to tick any of my wish list off? …. I would say mostly yes!

I got a couple of little bookcases for the majority of my books I had all over the floor.

I got another filing cabinet, (which is mostly all my political & activist stuff, which I had in boxes)

I have filled a few gaps in my Family History magazines, but there are still quite a few gaps.

I’ve added a good number of books to my library, including books from Pen & Sword.


So now lets have a look at my 2017 Wish List.

I wish to
– Make several trips/visits to the British Library, for my India line
– Get yet another bookcase or 2, (for my ever growing library).
– Add to my collection of Birth, Marriage & Death Certificates.
– Identify useful Record Offices & go visit if I can. (Though ALL Record Offices are useful).

– Search for Ancestor Grave Sites & go visit if I can.
– Connect with even more cousins & distant cousins.
– Find & DNA test more family members
– Really go though my tree, transcribing documents into it more. (Birth, Marriage & Death Certificates, Censuses, Military, Wills & Probate etc).

Do YOU the reader have any suggestions for me to add to my wish list?

That’s all I have for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!


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6 thoughts on “Wish list for 2017

  1. That library of yours is looking pretty good x 😉 Hope u get to finish your Wish List okay


  2. I like your desire to “Really go through my tree, transcribing documents into it more. (marriage witnesses, census occupations, causes of death, military info etc)”. I find doing so helps our ancestors come alive.


  3. I like your wish to connect with more cousins and distant cousins. It is always fun to get back in touch with family branches that have been lost for a long time.

    Blog Admin edit: Corrected Blog link, Sorry Linda. (your initial blog link was being funny, but have fixed it now)


  4. I too want all those books in the Pen and Sword line! They look fantastic. As for what else to add – probably what I asked for – an extra day in the week we can dedicate to genealogy work 🙂


  5. nancyhvest on said:

    You are very organized! I think I should have asked Genea-Santa to send you to help me get my family history messed organized!


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