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Carboot Goodies

Hello there,

Car-boot sales are superb places to find awesome books and stuff. I went to my local boot sale twice this week, went on sun (5th June 2016) and again today (8th June 2016). Both times it was really hot and I totally forgot to take WATER with me.

Today I got some really cool books, a shoe box stuffed full of postcards, also a big carrier bag full of old slides (Is at least a few hundred slides I think)

I also got a few plants for my garden (till I get going in planting seeds), I got some Verbenas, Foxgloves, Marigolds and a Sweet William plant.

The postcards & old slides will be interesting to look through. A lot of the postcards have written on & the handful of slides I’ve looked at are a mixture of Boats, Flowers, Buildings & People.

Once I get my slide viewer gadget, I’ll be able to look at the slides much better.

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!

Edit – Here’s My Pinterest where you’ll find my “Books Galore” & “Goodies & Cool stuff” boards, as well as other interesting boards


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