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My Brum Diary – day 4

Hello there,

It is 9th April 2016, the 3rd & final day of WDYTYA


I forget to get my water bottle refilled & get a sandwich.

Again I get to the NEC nice & early, go straight to Find my Past for the days challenge of trying to find Mary Spencer & her father, as well as trying to find Charlotte Moyes/Moise. Once again a bit of a fail, just have to keep looking.

Managed to have 2 slots in a row with the FMP chap, as the person who would have been next had wondered off. So was able to ask about a quick few things about occupations, workhouses & about a cause of death.

I manage to catch Eric Knowles for an autograph & photo!

DSCF1656 DSCF1655

After the second talk I go to quickly see if I could catch Anita Rani for & autograph & photo, managed to very briefly speak to her before she was whisked off to something else. Which was rather unfair really, since the woman before I got there had been speaking to Anita for more than a few minutes.


I decided not to bother going to my 3rd talk of the day, as I wanted to have good go at trying to find more on Mary who married a chap who’s surname was “Franke” I asked at FMP but was told they didn’t have more slots. (whether that was true or not I don’t really know, I had taken up enough of their time anyway)

So went over to try at the “Ask the Experts” area. I showed the chap the only thing I had on Mary, which was a snippet of the marriage register. We go though a few things, he then looks the marriage up. The chap mentions he thinks the “Franke” surname could be Huguenot or Jewish & so suggests I go see Huguenot & Jewish stands. What the chap was saying  was all quite interesting.

So I go over to the Huguenot & Jewish stands, I speak to first to the Huguenot people (Then the Jewish stand),  explain & show them the marriage register snippet, they do a name look up on their computer & stuff. The people on the Jewish stand said the “Franke” surname was unlikely to be Jewish due to the marriage being in a church. Jewish people have Synagogue’s & not churches.

Had a couple of sausage rolls for lunch. Then had my final two talks of the whole event, & before you knew it, WDYTYA was ALL OVER for the year.

Who knows what the coming year will bring!, I may likely go again next year, this time with people in tow!

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!


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