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My Brum Diary – day 2

Hello there,

It is 7th April 2016, day one of WDYTYA


Going to down to see what the breakfast here at the hostel is like. The breakfast didn’t really interest my, so got a sandwich at the Station/NEC instead.

Was my first time in going to a big event like this, so didn’t really know what it would be like, nor did I really have a plan or structure of what I wanted to get from the day etc, so by the end of the day I had a bit a headache.

As I was going along the NEC walkway


I initially thought “Oh, no how am I going to get down to the events area with my Rollater?” (You have to go down a level on the escalator, stairs or lift, but it didn’t seem to appear that there was a lift.)


As I got closer & closer, I saw that there WAS a lift, it was just tucked round the corner!

So here we are just about to go in to the WDYTYA event.


I mentioned, last night that I was going to focus on my maternal Grandmother (Verna Terry), Things didn’t go quite as well as I thought. Trying to fit things in between is quite tricky!, the time just goes by so fast you just can’t fit it all in, lots of things going all around you.

At Find my Past, I asked regard trying to find my Grandmother’s father (Sydney Terry), (they couldn’t find anything either, so is going to be a case of going to the British Library (which is in London), I think!.

Had my sandwich (which was Salmon & Soft Cheese) for lunch


Is difficult trying to remember, everything I did, people I spoke to, what they said of suggested to me.

A few things I do remember,

– Asking at Ancestry DNA about the the trace Jewish DNA that me & my dad seem to have, yet my sister doesn’t have any Jewish DNA. (Am not convinced that we do have any Jewish DNA, I strongly believe that it should in fact be Europe East)

– One of the guys on the Find my Past stand was kind of “friendly arm twisting me’ into having a tree in their website. I use the site a lot anyway, so why not have a tree there as well.

– Speaking to one of the Military Stands regarding my Maternal Grandfather (John Burdett Clark) & his service records.

– The marriage certificate of my maternal grandparents (John & Verna)
On the marriage certificate my Grandmother (Verna) is down as English even though she was born in India. (*1)

– An unknown Marriage. In my Grandfather’s service records it appears to have him married to a “Barbara Mary” (*2)

– The slight name change (from John Burdett Clark to John Burdett-Clark) (*3)


*1 – Seems that it was my grandmother’s (Verna) choice to be put on the marriage as English

*2 – This is quite likely to be wrong & very much just an admin error

*3 – The slight name change seems to have been an unofficial thing

Went to 3 of my 4 talks, as I forgot I had another one right after the 3rd talk.

Back at the hostel, I sorted stuff out for the next few days, so as to have a better focus. Going to work on my paternal grandmother’s father (Joseph Peter Tognoli/Giuseppe Pietro Tognoli) a bit more focused hopefully.

Evening food was
– Prawn sandwich
– Orange Juice
– Chocolate Biscuit
– Snack box Chedders


That is about all I can think of & remember really, probably lots of bits I forgotten & stuff. I can’t remember everything ya know! (wink face)

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!


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