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Summary of Brum Trip (part 2)

Hello there,

Day Four – 3rd & final day of WDYTYA

I manage to catch Eric Knowles for an autograph & photo!

DSCF1655 DSCF1656

After the second talk I go to quickly see if I could catch Anita Rani for & autograph & photo, managed to very briefly speak to her before she was whisked off to something else. Which was a bit unfair really, since the woman before I got there had been speaking to Anita for more than a few minutes.


I decided not to bother going to my 3rd talk of the day, as I wanted to have good go at trying to find more on Mary who married a chap who’s surname was “Franke” I asked at FMP but was told they didn’t have more slots. (whether that was true or not I don’t really know, I had taken up enough of their time anyway)

So went over to try at the “Ask the Experts” area. I showed the chap the only thing I had on Mary, which was a snippet of the marriage register. We go though a few things, he then looks the marriage up. The chap mentions he thinks the “Franke” surname could be Huguenot or Jewish & so suggests I go see Huguenot & Jewish stands. What he was saying was all quite interesting.

Day Five – My journey home

Decided to finally have some “hostel breakfast”, while having my breakfast a couple come in with an elderly chap who was having problems moving his legs & trying seat himself. I quickly went over to help.

In getting to the platform I needed for my train home, I recognized this woman sitting perched on her suitcase.


Briefly got abit stuck in my words, but she was like “Yea & nodding, she was also at the NEC for WDYTYA & we had a bit of a natter till my train came. So that was pretty cool.

I’m now on the train home, I was able to get a good photo of the lovely old church at Lemington Spa which I was pleased about. I get to my change over stop where I nearly forget to get off! I then notice where I was and exclaim “Oh sh**, need to get off”

I’m now at my destination, where I helped a family who didn’t really speak or understand much English (they didn’t really realize the train wasn’t going to go any further). Was able to get them to understand me enough that I got them off the train and over to get a bus.

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!


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