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Hitchcock Puzzle

Hello there,

Have been trying to figure out who the parents of James Hitchcock are, but is proving quite tricky.


James Hitchcock was born abt 1846 in Somerset, England

The 1871 Census has James born in Yeovil, Somerset, England

While the 1881 to 1911 Censuses all have James born in Wellington, Somerset, England.


I have since ordered & got the Marriage cert for James Hitchcock & Louisa Bishop.

Going from that James’s father is William Hitchcock.

So now I am trying to figure out who James’s mother is, but there is more than 3 possible mothers.


Going by the census info I have, I feel the only possible mother is Betsy/Elizabeth

So now I just need t find a MARRIAGE for William Hitchcock & Elizabeth ???

Also giving 2 or 3 possible Marriages for William & Elizabeth.

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!

Note I am aware there are 3 possible births for James Hitchcock.

I ordered a birth cert, which had the wrong father, though have now ordered a 2nd birth cert.


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One thought on “Hitchcock Puzzle

  1. KAYTHEGARDENER on said:

    Since your family is based in the UK, have you signed up for the free Lost Cousins website? The author has lots of tips for genealogy research, not just for the UK!!


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