Ancestry Adventures

SNGF – 2015

Hello there,

This weeks Saturday Night Fun What did Genea-Santa Bring You? I don’t often do these, so here’s my entry.

I got a few really awesome things for Xmas

– A 500gb External hard-drive, So I’ve no excuses not to BACK MY STUFF UP. (Just need to remember to regularly back it up … lol)

– Some spit (lol) from my sister … I had got an AncestryDNA kit a few months ago for her & was just waiting for her to do it for me.

– A couple of books ‘The Wills of our Ancestors’ & ‘How our Ancestors Died’ from my Dad

– Learning a Maternal (distant) cousin got both his parents to do an AncestryDNA kit.

– A pile of pre-Xmas books, I got for myself. One of which was ‘Wartime Farm’ an awesome charity shop find. (I LOVE ‘trawlling’ charity shops for books)

Nearly forgot, I also got some Map pins, (Just need to get round to making a big cork board and getting some wall maps of Europe & Asia)


Now the non family history stuff! …

A microwaveable dish, going to be really useful, some towels, a quilt cover & pillow set and the Xmas must have CHOCOLATE! …. hahaha.

And that’s about it I think.

That’s all I have for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!


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