Ancestry Adventures

The “New” Ancestry

Hello there,

Finally decided to try out “New” Ancestry, so as to get used to it. But like many others I am not all that keen on it. Functions & Tabs are missing, The ‘tree’ space is considerablely smaller, the tree printing is messed up.

The only aspect of “New” Ancestry I like are the Historical Insights. I think they’re really good. IMO there seem to be a few ‘levels’ of Historical Insights.

The obvious ones
– 1st & 2nd WWs
– Slavery

The “Oh didn’t think of that”
– Major rebellions (Swing Riots, Chartist) etc
– The Railway Boom
– Cholera Outbreaks

The “Oh didn’t know that
– 1911 Heatwave
– Smuggling During the Napoleonic Wars
– The Franklin Expedition

The sort of interesting
– Building the clock tower Big Ben
– Sports Matches

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!


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