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SNGF – How Many Surnames?

Hello there,

I thought I would join in with the SNGF challenges posted by Randy Seaver of Genea-Musings. This one is from March 2011 SNGF – How Many Surnames?

This is mine

I used Family Tree Maker 2014. the below image is some of my tree stats. (To get the grey stats box, you need to click on the ‘more’ button)

I’ve hidden some of the stats info due to them being living people

Tree Stats

Then I went to the ‘Surname Report’ (In Publish tab, under Person Reports)

Surname report

This image is the top 20 Surnames, which gives a breakdown between males and females and the earliest and most recent dates for each surname.

Of the top 20 Surnames (Within the red box) half are

“Direct lines’
My Dad’s side – Waterman, Worland, Snell, Riggs, Merriman, Harwood
My Mum’s side – Clark, Brown, Baldwin, Terry

My ‘Collateral’ lines are, Hole, Wake & Bossom

I have more people without a surname than the top surname (like most people I expect).

Was interesting to see ‘Terry’ in the top 20, since this name is one of my ‘foreign’ lines. (Tognoli is the other) But then again I’ve not exactly done much on the lower surnames, so heaps to do!

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!


SNGF – Saturday Night Genealogy Fun
GMP – Genealogy Management Program


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  1. Ann Bailey on said:

    Thanks for sharing!


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