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Census Sunday

Hello there,

The Census I’m highlighting today is the 1851 Census England, on my 2nd Great Grandfather, his parents & sister.

Had a heap of trouble even finding him in the Ancestry Census, you’ll see why


Was only able to find the 1851 Census through Find my Past

Here is the 1851 Census England, and you’ll see the surname is CLEARLY ‘Snell’

Henry 1851 Census

How can ‘Snell’ be transcribed as ‘Suck’?, was the transcriber drunk or something?

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!


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One thought on “Census Sunday

  1. I’ve run across quite a few odd transcriptions over the years. If you’re trying to work fast I can see where the transcriber would have come up with “Suck” instead of “Snell”. There aren’t any other names or words that have the combination of a capital “S” with a lower case “n” then “e”. There are other double “l” names which do kind of look like a “k”. You will find lots more. Just remember to take a look at an original document even if it’s a digitized image.


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