Ancestry Adventures

Historic Events

Hello there,

Todays topic is ‘Historic Events

What things, people, disasters etc do YOU remember, can also be things that have happen in your lifetime.

Things I remember

– Poll Tax Riots (London) .. I only really remember going on demos with my Mother
– Nelson Mandela released
– End of Apartheid in South Africa
– Dolly the Cloned sheep
– Harry Potter Books
– Scottish Parliament

– Iraq War
– Saddam Hussein toppled from power

– Wikileaks
– Occupy movement
– News International phone hacking scandal
– Madeleine McCann (Disappearance of)
– Osama Bin Laden
– Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton


– 9/11 World Trade Centre
– 7/7 London bombings
– Dumblane Shootings
– Lockerbie bombing (Scotland)

Industrial Disasters
– BP Oil Spill
– Fukushima

Natural Disasters
– Indian Ocean Tsunami (2004)
– Hurricane Katrina
– Hurricane Sandy
– Haiti earthquake

– Mad cow
– Bird flu
– Swine flu
– Ebola

– Fred & Rose West
– Harold Shipman
– Ian Huntley, Soham Murders

– Jill Dando
– James Bulger
– Damilola Taylor
– Milly Dowler
– Hannah Foster
– Sarah Payne

People who have died
– Tony Benn
– Nelson Mandela
– Princess Diana
– Queen Mother
– Margaret Thatcher (1st Woman PM in UK)
– Muammar Gaddafi

– Michael Jackson
– Bob Hoskins
– Robin Williams
– Patrick Swayze
– Rik Mayall

This’ll be an add to when I think of more!

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!


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