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To do lists

Hello there,

I don’t wont my blog to get too boring, constantly just doing the blog prompts, so going to break it up a bit, with other topics.

Today’s topic is ‘To do lists’ 

Do you have To do list?, What sort of list/s do you have? Do you have more than one? What do you have on your list or lists? Anything else you care to add about this topic?

My ‘General’ To do list
– Finish looking over the ‘Genea-Musings blog archive, picking out posts I want to look at.
– Have a look though the Blogroll on ‘GeneaBloggers’
– Look though my computer files & folders for some post ideas. (other blogs are useful too)

My ‘Sort of Research’ To do list
– Have a sort out of my ‘Family History Questions’ computer folder
– Sort out & organise my piles of magazine articles
– Go though the other blog I have and pickout a number of the posts I want to print out (My other blog is more Political & Activsm blogging)

My after New Year To do list
– Invest in some acid-free family history ‘stuff’ (folders, file pockets etc)
– Go though my ‘Family Tree docs’ computer folder and print a bunch of those out.
– Print out the posts I’ve picked out from my other blog and add them to my “me’ folder.
– Keep pestering my parents to dig out the photos, family documents & papers etc.

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!


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