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Hello there,

For todays ‘Blog Prompt’ we’ll be looking at the Surname Snell , in particular, my paternal 2nd Great Grandfather. Quite a tangled web he is, but also rather an interesting person. This is a little snippet from Anna Dumitriu who is a Henry’s Gt. Granddaughter.

Henry James Snell 1842-1927. A renowned stained glass and ceramic painter (with studios in London and Brighton), a playwright and a songwriter (and father of seventeen children by three different women). Five of his books of plays, poems and enamel painting techniques can be found in the British Library rare books collection and he was known to have painted over three thousand stained glass windows.  Here’s a link to Anna’s Blog

Well was trying to write a little bit about Henry James Snell, but found it harder then it looked, so here you go, a screen shot of his profile within my tree on Ancestry.

Henry James Snell

Snell Name Meaning This interesting and unusual surname is of Anglo-Saxon origin, and is derived from a nickname for a brisk or active person, from the Middle English (1200 – 1500) “Snell”, quick, lively, in part representing a survival of the Olde English pre 7th Century personal name “Snell”, similar to the Old Norse “Snjallr”. Surname Database


That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!


Edit 21 Dec 2014

Anna Dumitriu is my 2nd cousin 1x removed.

Also I’ve only realised I hadn’t included my link to Henry James Snell

– Henry James Snell & Sarah Ann Harwood, their daughter was Florence Snell
– Florence married Joesph Peter Tognoli, who had Savina Evelyn Tognoli.
– Savina Evelyn Tognoli is my paternal grandmother

Oh, regarding Sarah Ann Harwood & Henry James Snell, the marriage has not been proven as yet, there may not have even been a marriage. But I have found the marriage for Sarah Jessie.


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