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British Library Visit #2

Hello there,

Well my 2nd British Library Visit in the bag.

I went up last week (11th – 17th Nov 2018), I was initially was only going til 15th Nov 2018, but I decided to extend my stay at the YHA an extra couple of nights.

My visit this time was loads better, I was MUCH more prepared. Did have a couple of ‘crappy’ unproductive days though. There’s always gonna be crappy, unproductive days in family history.

The Asian & African Studies staff, were again super awesome, helped me loads.

Had a few “Oh, you twit” moments, as well as some really cool finds.

One of my ‘twit’ moments was, I had been looking though the “UK appointments to Indian Railways 1849-1925 Index” I went to ask if they had any thing else regard Indian Railways, the woman at the desk picked up on of the booklets that were on the desk (a FIBS fact file), I instantly (inwardly) groaned, cos I had my own copy with me.

FIBS – Families in British India Society

Another was, one of the items I had ordered up from the archives was showing as “ready for collection” so I go to collect it, the guy tells me I had already looked at it and sent it back. I reply “No I don’t think so” ….. I go check my notes & discover ‘Oh yes, I had looked at it, I tell the guy “yea, you’re right”

Now some of my really cool finds

One of my cool finds was a marriage record for one of Sydney Terry’s nephews, ‘Vernon Jenet’ …….. witnessed by William Fitzallan Parrott (Sydney Terry’s father in law.)

Vernon Jenet & Olga Bird Marriage

[How people are related]

– Vernon Jenet, is Olive & Lionel Jenet’s son

– Lionel Jenet is Olive Terry’s 1st husband (Olive married twice)

– Olive Terry is one of Sydney Terry sisters

– Sydney Terry is my Gran’s Father.

– My Gran is Dorothe Verna Terry


Finding a couple of ‘Terry’ relations (Harold & Edward Terry) in the Indian Army records of service c1900-1947 Index.

Ordering and getting photos of Harold & Edward’s Service Records. (Harold & Edward are 2 of Sydney’s brothers)

The smaller image is from Edward Vernon Terry’s Records & the other is from Harold Godfrey Terry’s Records.


Some other pics I took were of info regard Sydney’s occupation

Sydney Terry

( From Histories of Services: Punjab 1938-1939 [V/12/344] )


William Fitzallan Parrott

W F Parrott

I took a couple of other pics from the same book (Thacker’s Indian Directory 1897) but they didn’t turn out very well.


In the last hour or so of my last day (of my 2nd visit block) one of the ref desk guys (I’ll call D) came out from their staff area & asked how I was doing. I told/showed him what I’d got managed to do that day. I asked if the ‘other guy’ (I’ll call J) was about, D said J was out at that moment but would let J know.

They both (D & J) came out a bit later & I updated J in the days finds & stuff. D & J went back into their staff area, I finished off what I was doing, then called a day at about 4.30 & went back to the hostel.

What will I manage to find next time! ….. who knows!.

Am already planning visit #3 lol

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!


British Library 1st Visit Overall

Hello there,

Looking back at over things,

It’s funny how things turn out. I was initially visiting the Library to look at George Merriman’s Manuscripts & pedigrees etc, with a bit of “British India” hunting added on. But it ended up being the other way round!.

So I wasn’t all that prepared regarding “British India heavy” hunting. I did the best I could with what stuff I DID have.

This was my first visit, was finding my way around etc, I learnt how use to a film machine.

The guys on the reference desk were awesome & really helpful. Though found it hard to take everything they were telling me. It was all a bit “info overload”, at times I felt like just I wanted to curl up & hide.

I know I may have to repeat much of the hunting I did in my initial British Library visiting, but hey that’s ok! I’ll know my way around & know what to expect, I’ll (hopefully) have a more solid plan

I came away with (lot) more that I had at the start of my visit.

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!


NOTE – I may add more to this as & when I remember things.

Misc bits & pieces

A few times I’d totally confuse myself, trying to find (say) the birth record of my Gran (Dorothy Verner Terry) only to realize I was looking at the ‘wrong’ darn film reel! lol

Oh, I forget which day it was (either day 2 or 3) I asked if the had any ‘Aden’ records (part of the British India empire) As one of my Gran’s Uncles (Donald Terry) was born in Aden. The guy on the reference desk got them ordered up, he also said the records were quite fragile. When the records come, I was a bit scared to even touch them, I was like “got any white gloves” they just laughed a bit. I didn’t really look at them all that well. ….. Was scared in touching them, they were so fragile!

One of the records I’d hastily scrambled to gather together (staying up quite late on the 3rd night) was on my Parrott line.

Was the term “Private Out Pensioner Chelsea Hospital”

Robert Parrott Birth 10 Aug 1848

While it was pretty easy to read, I just didn’t understand what it meant. The ‘poor’ guy (refer desk) was trying to help me. I just didn’t know HOW explain what I wanted. But I get it now. (feel quite stupid now though!)

Chelsea Hospital term

Why didn’t I look on google months/years ago when I first encountered the term? lol

British Library 1st Visit (day 4)

Hello there,

The final day & checking out of the YHA

Got up (later than usual), had a wash, got my stuff together, as I was leaving the room, I stopped cos I realized I was about leave my phone behind. YIKES!!!

Went for breakfast (croissants, fruit juice & water), as I was finishing breakfast the woman I had been nattering with the night before came in, we said hi to each other. She came over & we sat together & nattered a bit.

She was trying to decide “holiday” plans, I was suggesting things, trying to be helpful (well at least I hope I was being helpful to her). We finished breakfast, went ‘downstairs’ (Reception/Bar area) continued nattering a bit, I gave her my email & then parted ways. She went back up to the dorm to pack her stuff and checked out and off to the library.


Since I had now ALL my stuff, I wondered if the library had “bigger” lockers (the locker area is on Lower ground) I ask at the cloakroom bit, but there weren’t any “bigger” lockers. I said “Oh I’ll work something out” & just used 2 of the usual ones.

It was pretty much a “lazy” BSO hunting day

Throughout the day I browsed
– Find my past (FMP), mainly Hart & Vida/da Vida
– Birth & Baptism Indexes (Merriman, Whitnall, Peplow)

Found a couple of new records to get (so did a little “happy dance” lol)

Had a wonder round the room browsing the shelves, pulling folders & books out to look though.

A group of folders I looked though were “The Biographical Files”. I looked for any family related names – Terry, Parrott, Todd, Vida/da Vida, Mason, Souza/D’Sousa/De’Sousa/Desousa, Knox (any info linking “Major” Knox to Souza/D’Sousa/De’Sousa/Desousa),

Asked at the reference desk regard a few Military Regiments – 3rd & 14th Light Dragoons also the 8th Light Cavalry. I got a few pictures of the info

I called it a day about about 4pm, was ‘crashing’ quite a bit this time.

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!


BSO – Bright shiny object

British Library 1st Visit (day 3)

Hello there,

Today consisted of – Get up, have a wash, go for breakfast, go to the Library.

I was pretty much “scatter gun” hunting, though trying to be more focused. Was again feeling quite frustrated & very useless. (Feeling very useless is daft I know!)

Flicked though some of the
– Birth & Baptism indexes
– Marriage indexes
– Civil Service books
– Army Indexes
– Browsed on find my past (FMP) a bit throughout the day


I’d finished having breakfast & went to put my stuff on the “tray rack” trolley, I pulled it out a little to pick up a napkin I noticed under it. (I noticed the napkin while having my breakfast) I turn round & the woman (one of the people in my dorm) was quite surprised, she was like “Oh, do you work here (the YHA hostel)” I laughed, shock my head “No, was just picking up a dropped napkin” I though it was quite funny.

The evening was quite cool too, was in the dorm room, sorting my stuff out another woman came in we kind of chatted/nattered a bit. She commented that she was a bit bored. I replied “got any reading material” ….. “Nah, didn’t think to bring anything” …. I said something like “You into family history?” & went to get some of my magazines.

So got nattering a bit about family history, she asked me something like “Where there any interesting things I’d discovered” … I didn’t really have an answer to that, I just said “Its ALL interesting”

She went off to explore, I carried on trying work out what to do regard the following day. I could either check out & come home or check out & go to the library. I really didn’t know what to do! .. . *cry*

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!

British Library 1st Visit (day 2)

Hello there,

Got up about 8am ish, had a wash, got stuff sorted out, went for breakfast, (croissants, fruit juice & water). Then to over to the Library.

Went to “Manuscripts” (2nd floor) had a another brief look though the manuscripts I was looking at the day before. Handed those back in & ordered some others which included Pedigree charts.

Went upstairs (Asian & African Studies) while I waited. Got the rest of the docs I wanted & did some more ‘British India’ browse hunting.

Checked the progress of my requested Merriman Manuscripts. went down to have a look though them & the Pedigree charts. Did that for maybe an hour then gave up!

Was hard to think things out ‘on the spot’ regard what I wanted to get out of George Merriman’s Manuscripts.

I had initially thought I’d come away with photocopies or even pictures of at least some the Manuscripts.* I also thought the manuscripts would help in my own Merriman line, but there didn’t seem to be any obvious link/s.

* Though, I recall there MIGHT be the option of getting photocopies, scans (or something like that) I didn’t ‘push’ the maybe getting photocopies (or whatever)

So I just went back to my “British India” hunting, though was all a bit “OH BSO” & going off in all different directions. Also I was getting, (I’d say) more that a bit frustrated at times in the hunting & not having much success. lol

I asked regard newspapers, (The Civil & Military Gazette, in particular) cos I wanted to get a “better” copy of the Obit I (& others in the family) had.

Obituary of Dona Eliza Rita

But the Library didn’t have anything in the time frame I was interested in (I didn’t think to take a picture or note regard the findings) So that was really interesting. Where did the Obit come from? How did the ‘original’ family member get a copy?

By end of day 2 I was starting to really struggle, madly scrambling for things to hunt, but ‘mad scrambling’ I had to do! I still had another 2 nights at the YHA …. aghh!

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!


BSO – Bright shiny object

British Library 1st Visit (day 1)

Hello there,

Think I woke up about 8am ish, got up & stuff sorted out, went for breakfast (pre-ordered). I had croissants, fruit juice, some slices of bread & jam.

Ask the YHA reception about reserving a bottom bunk for the rest of my stay.

Then time to head off to at last visit to the British Library!!

In my initial visit to the Library, I need to do the Reader’s Card process at reader registration (though a bit of back & forth between the YHA & the Library trying to sort out internet issues & stuff lol)

Had to go back to reader registration, cos I’d left my reader’s card there, (The staff had texted me to let me know.) then to Lower Ground (LG) the lookers area. (not sure which way round I did this, but doesn’t really matter I guess)

Then went to “Manuscripts readers room (2nd floor) spent awhile trying to work out which of the Merriman Manuscripts to look at first & got them ordered, would take about hour to come up from the “basement”

So wile I waited, I went “upstairs” (3rd floor) to the Asian & African Studies room. Got most of the initial records (births & marriages) I wanted, were a few still to get.

One of records, really throw me off, but it eventually ‘clicked’ (back at the dorm & trying to sleep!) the father’s name was badly transcribed. Everything else in the record fitted in with other records I had already. (the child’s name, his wife’s name his occupation)

The info in question is 2nd to last in the image (Pamela Elsie Terry)

Pamela E Terry Birth 1934

Checked the progress of my requested Merriman Manuscripts, which were ready for me, by this time it was about 4pm.

Went back “downstairs” collected the Manuscripts, went to one of the tables & in starting to look though them I was like “wow” George F M Merriman’s writing is really neat, clear & pretty easily readable. Not long after I start looking though them, a rather loud “oh crap” was uttered, as I realized I had left my little computer upstairs.

I asked/got the one of Manuscript staff to phone & let the “Asian & African Studies” know or ask if they had it. (not really sure, is a bit hazy, but it’s roughly what happened)

The Manuscript staff held the books I had been looking though, while I dashed back upstairs, to get my little computer, then back to Manuscripts, where finished off the day looking though the manuscripts.

Was quite a hectic & busy day, “bouncing” up & down between floors, leaving bits & pieces “all over the place!”

Went to Waitrose at Kings Cross, got a few sandwiches and bottle of water. Returned to my hostel dorm, put my stuff in my dorm locker. Then noticed a bottom bunk hadn’t been reserved, so went to reception to get that sorted out. The staff moved me to another room so it all worked out in the end.

There was just no way I would have been able to get in & out an upper bunk for the other nights of my stay. (My hip was really hurting)

I have at last visited the British Library …. (Happy dance! lol) lots more visits to come!

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!


George Frederick Maskelyne Merriman

Pre British Library Visit

Hello there,

I come to London on Sunday (7th Oct 2018) staying till Thursday (11 Oct 2018), staying at the YHA London St Pancras. The hostel is pretty much in touching distance from British Library!!!

Got to the hostel about 4.30pm ish, did the check in process, them up to my dorm.

Needed to go to the reception a few times, forgot to bring a padlock for the locker, problems trying to use the ‘free wifi’ the 3rd time was to see if there were any bottom bunks available, but I decided to just stick with the room I was given.

Then I went for an explore round St Pancras & Kings Cross, I knew there was a “War Memorial” very nearby, but wasn’t sure where. Eventually managed to get to Kings Cross & find the War Memorial (made a mental note to to have a look on the way back to the YHA)

“Had” to do the ‘Harry Potter touristy thing” …. hahahaha. I had a quick look in the shop, but nothing interested me really. I didn’t bother doing the ‘posing’ bit, though watched others doing so.

It seems there is only a choice of 2 scarves Red (Gryffindor) or Green (Slytherin).

You go up, put one of the scarves on, and the guy in the waistcoat holds the end & flaps it a bit (not sure know why)

Went beck to check out the War Memorial, took bunch of pics (have since deleted them as they come out crap) Here’s a link to much better pics King’s Cross War Memorial Cheers Jane

A few other pics I took

The fountain in memory of Capt Robert Hansler

The Statue & Plaque is Sir Nigel Gresley

Went back to the hostel and didn’t really do anything after that. Just gazed out the window, had my other sandwich, got ready for bed & tackled getting into bed (an upper bunk).

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!

Lions, Tigers & Bears, oh my!

Hello there,

Well, ok not totally Lions, Tigers & Bears lol, there were LOADS of other animals to see. We saw Gorillas, Lemurs, Monkeys, Chimpanzees, Giraffe, Zebra, Elephants, Sea Lion, Penguins, Red Panda, Giant Anteater, Maned Wolf, Many types of birds.

Thees are jut a small selection, of the photos taken

My sister took these for me, as I was feeling quite tired & sore, also we were getting very short on time by this point. So while my mum & sis had a look at a few other exhibits, I went to check out the gift shop!

Finally. think I got “a bit” sun-burnt

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!


Belfast Zoo

My Birthday Adventure (part 2)

Hello there,

On the way back from the Causeway I took another load of photos.

We briefly stopped at Dunluce Castle, Bushmills and Whiterocks Beach, Portrush

A few more great photos, not sure where these were.

This was an interesting building, again sure where these was.


The final day’s Adventure was visiting Darren’s Mum, she lives in Coleraine. We got to his mum’s about 8.20pm

What we (Me, Sis & Mum) thought would be a quick visit turned into about an hour. We also thought it was just going to tea & a scone, (how wrong we were! lol) It ended up being tea & scone with jam & cream, a hotdog, fruit (Blueberries and Strawberries).

After a while we met Cooper the dog, (a boxer), about 5-10 mins later, Cooper was put out into garden.

We left about 9.30 and didn’t get back home (my sisters place) till about 10.45pm

We were all chilling out in the kitchen for a minutes after just getting back, & just as I was about to say “Oh I’m gonna go up to bed, the lights go out, & Daren comes though from the “laundry room” with a cake. So my going to bed had to wait.


That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!


Dunluce Castle

My Birthday Adventure (part 1)

Hello there,

6 July 2018 – Last year we (Me, Mum & Sister) went to Hawk Conservancy in Andover, (it was “Roasting”), this year we were in Northern Ireland.

Oh it was SOO NICE waking up in more cooler weather (though according to my sis Northern Ireland has had pretty hot weather too).

Had a bit of pampering from Mum & Sis. Sis gave me a bit of a foot scrub & Mum gave me a hair cut. (I badly needed one!, Mum was initially hesitant, cos she thought it would take too long)

We had breakfast, then got ready to go out (we were going on a very “magical” Adventure). We went the Scenic Coastal route to the place, I took a few (dozen! lol) pictures along the way.

We stopped a couple times (snack & toilet breaks), we stopped for lunch at a little cafe at Ballycastle, the food was nice.

The Promenade Cafe, Ballycastle

(Note image of ‘”The Promenade Cafe’ from google images)

Then back in the car we got & drove a bit further til we finally got to the place. (A little clue for you the place was designated a world heritage site in 1986)

Now I’ll let my photos tell more of the story!

Any guesses yet? …. No? … Ok here’s some more photos

I’m sure you must have guessed now!


In or last half hour, me & mum had a quick look around the Visitor Centre, I did take photos of some of the exhibits, but they didn’t really come out very well.

Not forgetting the touristy thing!, (postcards, pen & pencils, a rubber/erser, a magnet)

Part 2 to come

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!

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