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Lions, Tigers & Bears, oh my!

Hello there,

Well, ok not totally Lions, Tigers & Bears lol, there were LOADS of other animals to see. We saw Gorillas, Lemurs, Monkeys, Chimpanzees, Giraffe, Zebra, Elephants, Sea Lion, Penguins, Red Panda, Giant Anteater, Maned Wolf, Many types of birds.

Thees are jut a small selection, of the photos taken

My sister took these for me, as I was feeling quite tired & sore, also we were getting very short on time by this point. So while my mum & sis had a look at a few other exhibits, I went to check out the gift shop!

Finally. think I got “a bit” sun-burnt

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!


Belfast Zoo


My Birthday Adventure (part 2)

Hello there,

On the way back from the Causeway I took another load of photos.

We briefly stopped at Dunluce Castle, Bushmills and Whiterocks Beach, Portrush

A few more great photos, not sure where these were.

This was an interesting building, again sure where these was.


The final day’s Adventure was visiting Darren’s Mum, she lives in Coleraine. We got to his mum’s about 8.20pm

What we (Me, Sis & Mum) thought would be a quick visit turned into about an hour. We also thought it was just going to tea & a scone, (how wrong we were! lol) It ended up being tea & scone with jam & cream, a hotdog, fruit (Blueberries and Strawberries).

After a while we met Cooper the dog, (a boxer), about 5-10 mins later, Cooper was put out into garden.

We left about 9.30 and didn’t get back home (my sisters place) till about 10.45pm

We were all chilling out in the kitchen for a minutes after just getting back, & just as I was about to say “Oh I’m gonna go up to bed, the lights go out, & Daren comes though from the “laundry room” with a cake. So my going to bed had to wait.


That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!


Dunluce Castle

My Birthday Adventure (part 1)

Hello there,

6 July 2018 – Last year we (Me, Mum & Sister) went to Hawk Conservancy in Andover, (it was “Roasting”), this year we were in Northern Ireland.

Oh it was SOO NICE waking up in more cooler weather (though according to my sis Northern Ireland has had pretty hot weather too).

Had a bit of pampering from Mum & Sis. Sis gave me a bit of a foot scrub & Mum gave me a hair cut. (I badly needed one!, Mum was initially hesitant, cos she thought it would take too long)

We had breakfast, then got ready to go out (we were going on a very “magical” Adventure). We went the Scenic Coastal route to the place, I took a few (dozen! lol) pictures along the way.

We stopped a couple times (snack & toilet breaks), we stopped for lunch at a little cafe at Ballycastle, the food was nice.

The Promenade Cafe, Ballycastle

(Note image of ‘”The Promenade Cafe’ from google images)

Then back in the car we got & drove a bit further til we finally got to the place. (A little clue for you the place was designated a world heritage site in 1986)

Now I’ll let my photos tell more of the story!

Any guesses yet? …. No? … Ok here’s some more photos

I’m sure you must have guessed now!


In or last half hour, me & mum had a quick look around the Visitor Centre, I did take photos of some of the exhibits, but they didn’t really come out very well.

Not forgetting the touristy thing!, (postcards, pen & pencils, a rubber/erser, a magnet)

Part 2 to come

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!

Family Tree Adventures part 2

Hello there,

Its been quite an exciting (& very hot) 4-5 days

Not really sure when it was now, (think maybe Friday 29th) I happened to come across some info in a couple of other Ancestry family trees. I made conact with the tree owners, asking where they got the info from. To which one of the tree owners replied saying from FIBIS

So doing a few searches on FIBIS, some just a surname, others with first name or initial & surname (“de Souza”, “Vida”, “Parrott”, “Phililp de Souza”, “John de Souza”, “N Vida” etc)

I had a few totally AWESOME & “MAJOR” finds (aaahhhh squweeeeeee lol). I had other awesome finds too, but mainly just confirming what I had in the tree anyway.

One of my major finds was finding the link between Rose (aka Rosalie Matilda) & her father Philip. I only had an obituary of Philip’s wife from a cousin, who got it from another cousin. (The obituary come with some family tree sheets, much of which I had already, but some I didn’t.)

John & Rose Terry had a son born at her father’s home, her father being (wait for it) ………………………… Philip de Souza. This in turn tied in perfectly with the obituary. (MAJOR HAPPY DANCE)

Found John & Rose’s Marriage just today. AGH soo hard to stop when you’re on a roll, but I must. Need to get stuff sorted (before it gets too hot again) for some offline family adventures I’m doing this week.

Another was finding the surname of William Fitzallan Parrott’s mother Mary Ann Elizabeth. The marriage of William’s parents, Robert Parrott & Mary Ann Elizabeth Mason, so with this new information I at last was able to fill in a few blanks in the family tree.

A little tidbit here, discovering Mary’s surname, made me groan a bit “aghhhhh, doh!” as William’s brother was called Robert James Mason Parrott

Dorothe Verna Terry's tree

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!


FIBIS – Families in British India Society

Family Tree Adventures part 1

Hello there,

Its been quite an exciting (& very hot) 4-5 days

I finally got round to doing some “Tognoli” digging.

Using the link I had bookmarked about 3-4 months ago Pavia, Lombardy, Italy, Civil Registration Records, 1866-1937 I whittled down to the records I wanted (they’re a browse only set of records)

Province – Pavia
Locality – Villanterio
Record Type – Indice Annuale Nascite

I looked though the images year by year (1867 to 1885), downloading any records with the “Tognoli” name on. Found eight others with the name & who could be siblings to Giuseppe Pietro Tognoli (aka Joseph Peter Tognoli).

Then today with the help of one of my Facebook Genealogy groups, Italian Genealogy I managed to hunt out the Familysearch records I wanted, (even if it did take practically all day) Was really hard, I just couldn’t understand why I managed to find two of the possible siblings for Joseph in one of the record sets but not the other.

Was on the verge of “ripping my hair out” & giving up, but I didn’t, I HAD to find them (determined face), By the time I managed to find them, it was 6:30pm, so was a very successful day.

Here’s Joseph Peter’s (or should say Giuseppe Pietro) birth record

1877 - Giuseppe Pietro (Registro No 42)

(Its in Italian, have asked a facebook buddy in one of my Genealogy groups Guild of One-Name Studies to translate it for me)

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!

The pots I made

Hello there,

Me & mum went to another pottery workshop session at the D.@rt Centre in Hedge End, 19th May 2018. Not sure when we’ll be going back to the workshop.

These are the pots & tile sort of thing, I made, after being “firing”

In this session we glazed the pots, I really couldn’t decide what I wanted to do with my pots, so opted to do a clear glaze.

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!

Surname Archive – Merriman

Hello there,

Here’s what I have relating to the “Merriman/Merryman” name


About 1830s, American Coin Silver Shell Salt Spoon, marked B&M (Bradley & Merriman?)

Sterling Silver Salt/Mustard Spoon, marked PJM (Philippa Jane Merriman)

Various Coin Silver Cups, J.E. Merriman, Memphis, TN, 1841-1860.
The ridged/grooved cup also has markers mark “Tifft & Whitting” on the base.


1 – Nan Merriman (3 other pictures & an Advert, dates between 1955 and 1963)

2 – Theron W Meriman (dated 9th Jan 1948)

3 – Robert Merriman (dated 18th Apr 1950)

1 – Rev Willis Merriman (dated 10th Apr 1872)

2 – Beach House at Pirate’s Beach, Galveston Island, Texas
(designed by Bill Merriman of Bill Baily firm, dated 31st Oct 1979)

3 – James Merriman, Australian Ship Owner. A chromolithographic plate taken from Australian Men of Mark. Published in 1888 by Charles F Maxwell, Victoria Chambers, Elizabeth St, Sydney


Various Prints in and around Glasgow by Peter St Clair Merriman



1 – Silver Fox Lodge, Fairbanks, Alaska. Merriman

2 – Merriman Collage, East Northfield, MA.

3 – John X Merriman, South African Tug, built 1938


Horace Merriman and Lucius Sanderson, 1866 Indenture, Waushara, Wisconsin.



1st World War Medal of William Leslie Merryman (Regiment No. 1596, Cambridge)

Honourable Discharge Certificate, TA-212523 Sgt Frederick Merryman,
Royal Army Service Corps, dated 20th June 1919

To Lt. Merryman USN. in appreciation from his friends of the Brazilian Navy
C. Barroso Philadelphia 1951


– Aunt Bessie Merryman (7 other pictures, dates between 1935 and 1940)
(World’s famous chaperon, & Aunt of Wallis Simpson)

– Jack Merryman, Red Cats baseball player (dated 4 Jun 1968)

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Surname Study Adventures!

Surname Archive – Whitnall

Hello there,

I don’t have many items relating to the “Whitnall” name yet, but this is what I do have.


1st World War Medals of Alfred Whitnall (Regiment No. 30045, Lancashire Fusiliers)

Photos & Prints

1st pic, Charles B. Whitnall, an original press photo (dated 21 Jan 1939, on the back). Here’s a couple of links Find a Grave and Wikipedia giving a little more info on Charles.

2nd & 3rd pics Bishop Edward Wetenhall and a blurb. A Westminster Abbey. link giving more info on Edward.


A Wikipedia link giving a little more info on Samuel.

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Surname Study Adventures!

Arthur Duncan Merriman

Hello there,

I had been pretty quiet about this, but now the auction has past I can now “spill the beans” …. lol

About 4-5 weeks ago, I saw this Lot 18, Arthur Duncan Merriman which was up for sale 9th May 2018, on one of the auction sites I regularly check Dix Noonan Webb

It initially the Lot only had a picture of the Medals, the documentation picture was added a while later, after I asked what documents where included in the lot.

As the auction day drew closer & closer I pondered in bidding on it & giving it a go, till I couldn’t ponder any more & yesterday morning I gave it a go.

Then today 9th May 2018 was auction day, the auction started at 10am. (Was interesting watching the other lots, each lot was up for maybe only a minute or two.)

Then it was Lot 18, Arthur Duncan Merriman’s turn, it attracted a few bidders & went for £6000 (way out of my price range …. I rather knew I wouldn’t manage to get it, but I just had to try)

Am hoping the currant owner maybe sees this blog & perhaps gets in contact.

Here’s a link to the Merriman Profile Merriman Surname Study

Contact me at

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Surname Study Adventures!

4th Anniversary – new flat

Hello there,

Happy 4th anniversary to me!!!
4 years ago today, I move to a ground floor 1 bed flat.
My life has been so awesome since!
There have been a more than few crappy moments, but the AWESOME moments far outweigh the crappy ones!

That’s all for now, so till next time, stay tuned for some more Ancestry Adventures!


Not exactly an Ancestry or Surname Study Adventure I know, but I have to mark the day in someway.

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